Sleeping in a hammock is comfortable when the temperatures are favorable. It becomes problematic as soon as temperatures go to 65 to 70 degree Fahrenheit. How do you stay warm even when the temperatures are unfavorable? Here are the things you will need to consider in a camping hammock. You will need to add more insulations at the bottom to increase the coverage of your body.

It is advantageous when you use a hammock for your camping because of its versatility. It will work with all other sleeping equipment, and therefore, it won’t matter if you have the hammock underquilt, a sleeping pad or a sleeping bag. It is treason why the hammock is more famous with the campers than any other equipment.

You will have several options, and the choice will solely depend on your budget. The most common types of insulations that you will include hammock underquilt, sleeping pads, warm clothes and insulations. Read to get insights about each of them. You will notice that each consideration comes with a benefit and a demerit. It is, therefore, necessary to make the right choice when determining the right kind of equipment because it will be a lasting investment for you.

Hammock Underquilt

camping hammock underquilt

Many campers indeed prefer camping in a hammock. It is possible to use several warming equipment in the hammock such as the underquilt, topquilt, sleeping pads or even warm clothes.  Each of them has its own merits and demerits. There is also a temperature specification that will favor the use of each of them.

The hammock underquilt is the best insulation when temperatures are ranging from 45 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is cold here, and you need something that will improve the warmth. You will have two choices here. Either you switch to down or synthetic insulation.

Campers who often do a pre-visit before starting the camping stands a better chance. They choose the right types of underquilt. The down underquilt is cheap, though it is bulkier than the synthetic one. Both will deliver warmth during extreme colds, but the budget may limit what will suit you. Consider a full-length size when the conditions are cold if you want to stay warm.

You will hang your underquilt from the ends of the hammock. You will then sling them from outside to envelope the parts. Notably, when you opt to buy an underquilt, you should check the temperature ratings because each has its specific temperature ratings.

Hammock underquilt is expensive but will give you more advantages than the rest. They are compressible, lightweight and also more effective in cold regions. You can order one if you want to stay warm when you are camping in a hammock.

Sleeping Pad

Using a sleeping pad to insulate the bottom is also a smart way to stay warm. There are several sleeping pads that you can use. A foam sleeping pad is the best, according to campers. Though, you can still use the inflatable sleeping pad. Using an inflatable sleeping pad may not be friendly, because your body weight will compress. It makes it ineffective when it comes to holding the air that was responsible for maintaining warmth.

A sleeping pad can work for single and double layer hammock. Double layer hammocks have a compartment that will hold your sleeping pad. The double-layer is beneficial because it holds the pad in place. It won't drift underneath when you are sleeping. The single-layered hammock is less comfortable because the foam will be folding around your un-like in the case with a double-layered hammock.

The sleeping pad is best when it comes to cold seasons, and you can use it in a hammock. It is though bulkier and less effective when you compare it with an underquilt. If you own a double-layered hammock, you will stand a better chance to be warm. The article recommends a foam sleeping pad and a double-layered hammock in cold regions because it will accord all the benefits you are looking for when camping.

Warm Clothes

When dressing during the cold camping seasons, you need to do it in a way that will impress. Dress in layers so that you have greater control over your body temperature. If you can dress in layers, you will have better management when the temperatures get higher. it will be easy removing the clothes that increase the heat.

Secondly, it is not always enough to sleep in a sleeping pad or even in an underquilt when it is too cold. You can still increase your chances of staying warm by getting some warm clothing.  Some people find it quite challenging to add more clothing while they are sleeping because it may prove to be quite uncomfortable. You can change this situation when you have the topquilt.

A top quilt will make it easier for you to put on more warm supplies such as a hat, warm clothing and gloves. You can get some warm boots to put on to ensure that you stay warm for a sound sleep. Consider warm clothing such as fleece long underwear because it will increase the temperatures.

It is not advisable to suffer the cold when you can still get the warmth with warm clothes. You will need better preparation and supplies that will help you when the conditions changes. Get some clothing even when you expect the place to be cold because you never know what will happen once you arrive there.

Top Insulation

Info graphic for insulated hammock

Topquilt known as the topquilt is another smart way to stay warm during the cold seasons. If things get worse, it will be nice to consider a topquilt.

A topquilt is perfect insulation that is less bulky compared to the sleeping bags and the sleeping pads. The top insulation also allows movement either into the hammock or even outside the hammock. Top insulation is available in several temperature ratings, and you will be basing on your sleep requirements. You will also need to know your sleep requirements. When choosing a quilt, you should be careful because it is an expensive investment, and it will be sad if you end up with something below your expectations.

Sleeping in a quilt is more convenient the sleeping bags because it takes less space. A Hammock is also a confined place, and you will need something less bulky. It may not be possible to rule out the use of blankets or other sleeping equipment in a hammock, but here we are concerned with situations where you are experiencing extreme colds. It will be necessary to use the equipment that will make things easier for you.

You can still use other viable sleeping equipment that gives the temperatures you need during cold camping periods. A topquilt will be expensive. Other options may be less costly, but it will be hard for you to get the warmth that you are desperately looking.

Wind Protection

If you are not careful with where you locate your hammock, it may strip your warmth away. There are many things that you can do to protect yourself from the wind. First, it will be wise to lower the tarp close to the ground so that it does not act as a windbreaker.  It will be good if you have a tarp that creates a cocoon to divert the wind away.

When buying hammocks, you should be mindful about the places that you often camp in. some hammocks have over-cover layers while others do not have. Always buy the hammock with an over cover if you expect the temperatures to get low, though it will be hectic when the place is hot.

A winter sock is another option if you are going to camp in freezing conditions. It still helps raise your temperatures by at least 5 degrees, though they are all unnecessary when they are high.

Sum Up

An underquilt is the best investment for campers who want to stay warm during the cold camping seasons. It is expensive though, but it will deliver convenience since it is less bulky. There is also an advantage of choice because you will be choosing the one with the temperature provisions that will best suit your functions.

You can still use other warm options in a hammock-like the sleeping pad, sleeping bags and the top quilt. They all help in ensuring you stay warm during your camping seasons. Warm clothing appears to be essential regardless of the choice you make because, in the end, you may be working at nights. It will be necessary to have clothing that will keep you warm.

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