Why do you need a perfect hammock camping experience? You are preparing for camping in a deserted place, or maybe it is outside your house, but you will still suffer in instances where you do not make a perfect preparation. You deserve a sweet experience regardless of where you are camping. It is this reason that makes the need for better accessories mandatory. You will need to know the accessories that you will require while camping and the best way to set up a Hammock.

But just before getting to that, it will be wise to understand the things you are up against during your camping!

Why Bug Bites Ruin the Camping Experience?

You will face many challenges while camping. You don’t want to find yourself that situations where some biting insects will start feasting on your skin. You can get rid of this by a perfect arrangement for camping. You will need a hammock bug net, an underquilt for warmth, and other camping accessories.

You will not have time to endure the discomfort of bug bites. It is not worth ruining perfect camping by lacking some vital accessories. Some seasons will need a bug net. Warm seasons are the times when the mosquitoes are active and breeding. Doing camping during this season will expose you to series of bug bites, but you can always take care of it when you have the right bug net like the AYAMAYA bug net.

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Preparing a Hammock and Hammock Accessories

Do you have a Hammock? If you don’t have one, you can opt to make a DIY one. You go to the nearest store to buy a Hammock. The best Hammock camping experience will come when you have all the essential camping accessories in place. The items you must have while you are heading for camping are; the Hammock, a suspension system, an insulating underquilt, a rain tarp, and a bug netting.

All accessories will be necessary for the campers who intend to have a memorable camping experience. Let’s take a look at the things involved in every item that you will have.

The Hammock

The first thing you should have when you are going camping is a hammock. There are thousands of hammocks out there where you can choose. You should know what you are looking for when you are buying a hammock. When you have your needs clearly, it becomes far much easier to settle for the best. AYAMAYA hammock with bug netting is the best option that you can get in the market.

There are other considerations like the size and the material that makes it. Buy a hammock that will accord you comfort. You will spend a few nights here hence it should be a comfortable new home. You will also be careful to check the weight of this hammock. Ensure that you are buying something lightweight so that you don’t suffer carrying it around.

Settle for a hammock that is larger if two people will be spending time in the hammock. If you are a lone ranger, then choose the one that is spacious for perfect comfort. Consider the AYAMAYA hammock with bug netting if you need something that will perfectly suit your needs.

Suspension System

A seasoned camper will be careful to choose the best suspension system that will work well with tree barks. You don’t want to damage the tree bark. Be considerate when choosing the ropes. Choose those suspension systems that have wide straps. Ensure that the strap systems are also well set. Ensure that the suspension system has thick ropes with protective sleeves to protect the tree barks.

A Sleeping Pad

A sleeping pad is another accessory you should have for the best camping experience. Many people will think that a sleeping pad is necessary only in a tent. A sleeping pad will be essential in both a hammock and a tent.

A sleeping bad may not fit well in a hammock, and you should be ready to adjustments to make it work perfectly. You should get an accessory sleeve to stabilize the sleeping pad. You can also deflate the sleeping pad so that it perfectly conforms to the shape of the hammock.

An underquilt

If you need something that will accord more warmth and comfort than a sleeping pad, you should consider buying an underquilt that will provide protection for your underside that gets exposed because the hammock will be lying around you. An underquilt is expensive, but it is worth the price considering the benefits that it will accord you. Underquilt are better options for hammock camping than sleeping pads. You can use the sleeping pad if you already have, but if you are considering stocking one soon, an underquilt will do it for you.

Rain Tarp

Not everyone will find this vital, but you will need it when it is the rainy season, and you must camp in a hammock. You will mount the rainfly over the ridgeline that you tie between the trees. There are many types of rain tarps out there, and you should be wise when choosing one. There are special ones that are fit for hammocks. You should priorities getting this. But in instances where you have a rainfly, make sure that it has sufficient attachment points to secure the tarp in a position that will give you maximum protection.

Bug Net

There are many types of Bu nets that you can buy, and they will perfectly fit your hammock. It is important to note that Bugs can be so disturbing, and you will therefore need an effective Hammock Bug netting so that you don’t suffer the discomfort from the bug bites and the falling leaves.

Bug nets are essential if you are sensitive to bug bites. You won’t enjoy camping when you have issues with mosquito bites and falling leaves. You can opt to buy a Hammock with a bug net such as the AYAMAYA hammock that will give you all the protection you need against the bugs. dramatic lighting bug net image

Steps for setting up the Hammock

When you have all the essential accessories in place, you should know how to set up a hammock for the best camping experience. Here are a few simple steps that you must follow to be an expert hammock camper.

Choose an Appropriate Spot

Not every side is good to establish your hammock. Spend some time exploring the area to help you identify a nice spot that will offer you a perfect camping experience. Involve the land managers to fetch information on whether camping is allowed. Establish your campsite far from water sources. You can use the sites that offer all the requirements for the best camping experience.

Protect Trees

A camper is often considered a good tree steward. You don’t have to hurt the trees in the name of camping. Ensure that you are using the suspension straps with a wider surface area. The wide straps will ensure that it does not drill into the trees. You should also use the trees which do not have the birds’ nest and other animals because you may scare away the birds.

Apply Mathematical Skills

You want to stay as comfortable as possible when camping. You cannot achieve this if your hammock is not set properly. Your hammock should neither be too flat nor too bent. Set your strap angle at around 30 degrees towards the tree if you need a perfect camping experience. Ensure that the strap angle is above 18 inches. from the ground.

The steps to follow when setting up the rain tarp and the bug shelters

During your DIY project to make a hammock bug net, you noticed how important the ridgeline was. The ridgeline will provide you space where you will hang the rain tarp and the bug netting system. It is a perfect space that will provide a hanging system for other hammock accessories. Our focus here is the rain tarp and the bug netting. You need to bed safe from heavy rains and biting insects such as mosquitoes while camping.

Like we previously stated, doing a pre-visit is important in every camping adventure. I will help you understand the conditions and the nature of accessories that will best suit the camping. First, it will be a milestone when you know if the place is receiving stormy rains, it will guide you when setting up the rain tarp. If the rains are heavy and windy, you will have to set the ridgeline at a lower level to bring the rain tarp at a slightly low level to protect you from winds. Ensure that you keep the tension of the hammock’s tarps at the ridgeline, and you then stake it out along the perimeter of the tarp.

How to Attach a Bug Net

Every bug net has its specifications when attaching it to the ridgeline. The most common bug Net versions will attach to the bug net at the end. Here you will need to temporarily unclip the hammock as you slide the net over the hammock. You will then secure the net from the other end ad then you finally add another ridgeline through the series of loops on the top of the net. You will be accessing your hammock covered with a net through a zippered opening at the mid-way of the hammock.

How to Sleep Comfortably in Your Hammock

Your hammock is ready. You have all the accessories in place, and the last thing you want to do now is to have that comfortable sleep. It is not always about getting into a hammock and sleeping. Some special tips will guide you to have the best sleep ever in your hammock.

  • You need to lie slightly off the kilter. Lying 10 to 15 degrees away from the centerline helps you not to experience that feeling of being swallowed by the hammock.
  • Not everyone will need a pillow because the lip of the hammock will serve as a headrest. You can get a pillow if the hammock lip is not sufficient for you. You don’t need a heavy pillow, but a perfect one for you.
  • You may need your other accessories while you are asleep. Ensure that you stash your accessories inside your hammock. Your night-time accessories should be within your arms reach. You can place it under your hammock that acts as the vestibule. It is an additional storage site for things like boots and packs.


It is possible to have a perfect camping experience when you have the right accessories. You should also know how to setup up every accessory properly for the best camping experience. Always be ready to learn new tips and stay ahead of everyone. You deserve the best camping experience that is why we got your back in explaining vital things to you.

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