It is time to hit the road with recreational vehicles for a holiday vacation. It is worth learning the RV camping tips for an assurance of comfort and safety while camping. Reports about RV ownership in the United States are now high. Over 10 million families now own RV, and this should tell you why it is vital to know the camping tips on an RV if you are a prospective camper.

The RV campers will flock to over 18000 campgrounds in the United States for the vacation. Some places will get more visitors while others less depending on the amenities. You will be choosing between privately own campgrounds and public ones. There are many things you need to put fast when you are out for RV camping. Check the ten camping tips below for a great vacation.

1. Respect campsite boundaries

We all need our social space; Campers are not the exceptions. While you are having a good time with family and friends, you must never intrude on others. You can have some chat in the living room, but getting inside the bathroom or the bedroom is beyond the campsite rules! Wulfman, an expert in RV camping notes that it is vital to respect the social space. It is helpful to teach your children and friend about the rule; it always maintains friendship and trust within the RV community.

2. Be selective in campground choices.

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The campgrounds you select will determine the type of campers staying with you. Not all campgrounds follow the RV camping rules. Be selective in how you choose your campgrounds. Choosing a campground that is far from the city is better than the city campgrounds. A campground with less congestion is best, but you must plan.

3. Mind your garbage

Be careful with the garbage. Your RV journey will involve plastic bottles, food, and other waste that will get messy if you are not careful. You don’t have to toss the garbage into the campfire because it is not RV etiquette. Plastics smell awful when you burn, and it will interfere with the comfort of the RV community. Burning should not be an option for garbage, but you can bag them and dump them in the approved sites. Wastewater will also need proper attention. When you are renovating your RV, correct the leaking horses and tanks. It will prevent leakage to the grounds.

4. Keep your pets under control

Are you a pet lover? It is okay to work around with pets, but leaving them to stray around won’t be a good RV practice. If you must come along with your furry friend, ensure that you keep them on a leash. Straying pets will be a nuisance to the other campers who may not be sharing the same thoughts with you.

5. Observe speed limits

Speed limits are crucial when you are in a campground. There are many people around you, and they deserve to be safe. To stay safe, it is necessary to drive under the speed limits set in the camp. Be concerned about the pedestrians and other RVs.

High speed can cause an accident, damage your RV or even cause your death. Correcting damages can be expensive, and you seek the RV and camper insurance before you set out for a camping trip.

6. Be your neighbor's keeper

Every camper must be at the forefront in fostering a safe campground. It cost nothing to be your neighbor's keeper. Your neighbor’s property is like your property. It is nice when we can all share a safe environment and being concerned about each other.

7. Use portable fans

ayamaya rechargeable camping fan

Using a portable fan could be the best way to preserve your RV battery. You don’t have to run the air-conditioning in your RV for the whole day, because it will drain the battery, and you may run into other inconveniences during the late nights. Small portable fans are a win since they will still keep the air circulating in your room. You can install the portable fan in strategic locations to keep your entire cabin cool and comfortable.

8. Cook outside during the day

One old the key reasons your air conditioner is straining could be the increase in temperatures due to cooking in your RV. You can save a great deal of energy by learning to cook outside your RV during the day. It won’t be bad if you take cold food during the day. Plan to have the food ready so that you don't cook when you are traveling. You can take refreshing meals that will keep you full and comfortable without straining you.

You can still take a hot meal in your RV without necessarily cooking it inside. Utilize your campfire of a camping stove for preparing the food and have it in a cold RV.

9. Keep the door closed

If you keep the doors of your RV closed, you will be preserving the cold air inside while denying the hot air from getting inside your RV. Opening and closing the RV door will allow the hot air in, though it may also play against you when the outdoor temperatures are colder than the indoor temperatures.

The intention here is to maintain your air conditioner. High temperatures will overwork your air conditioner.

10. Try some cooling activities

man coming out of a water park slide

Finally, here are the cooling activities that you should put into practice to ensure that you get the best experiences while you are camping in an RV. There are many cooling summer activities that you can try rather than staying indoors and suffering the heat.

Swimming is the first practice that can keep you refreshed while safeguarding the air conditioner in your RV. Some campgrounds may lack the campgrounds. That should not end your dream to swim. Go to the nearby pools or lakes and there you can have a cold swim.

Other activities that will keep your cold are kayaking, boating, tubing, and staying in the water parks. You may want to check if there are boat rentals or head to the nearest animal park and enjoy the sight of animals.


To conclude, your RV camping will be interesting when you know the things to do. You deserve a good time. Do not hesitate to put the tips above into practice for the best experiences at a campsite.

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