Our Story

Our brand's origin is one of rediscovery and transformation, born from a deep love for the great outdoors. It all began with our CEO Daniel, whose life was forever changed by a postcard from his uncle. The postcard rekindled treasured memories of outdoor adventures with his family, sparking a newfound desire to recreate those experiences with his own children. He longed to share the sense of belonging and humility that the natural world had instilled in him. This revelation motivated him to pack his bags and embark on a family camping adventure to Yosemite National Park in California. While hiking the park's awe-inspiring landscapes, the delight shining in his children's eyes reflected the same sense of wonder and excitement he had cherished during his own childhood.


The journey deepened their family bond, crystallizing his decision to establish an outdoor company. When it came time to choose a name for his endeavor, he fondly remembered his father's expression of astonishment when they'd reach their destination - "Ayamaya." This phrase, representing excitement and awe, became the perfect namesake for his vision. Right from the start, Daniel's aspiration has been to craft outdoor equipment that harmonizes with his personal outdoor journey, sharing the wonders of nature with all, and ensuring inclusivity and affordability is at the core of what we do.

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