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Our CEO's experiences in the great outdoors with his family were transformative. After receiving a postcard from his uncle, these fond memories resurfaced and he vowed to create the same experiences with his own children. There's a sense of belonging and humility in the great outdoors that he wanted to share with the world. Shortly after receving this postcard he packed up his things and he and his family took a vacation to Yosemite National Park in California.

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Ayamaya Was Born...

As they explored the park together, he watched his children's eyes light up with wonder and excitement, just as his own had when he was their age. The experience brought them closer as a family, and he knew he had made the right decision to start his outdoor company. As he brainstormed a name for his company, he remembered his father's expression of surprise when they reached the full view of their destination - "Ayamaya," a phrase he used for excitement. That phrase resonated with him, and he named his outdoor company after it. From the beginning, he sought to create products suitable for his lifestyle and bring them to fruition.

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