Do you wish to sleep warm while you are camping? It is not always easy staying warm while camping In a hammock. You will experience the cold after some hours of sleep because your metabolic processes will not be active at late night. It is at this point that you begin to feel the need for insulation. The insulation will augment the sleeping bag and or the quilt that you are using.

The article shall be deliberating on the gears that you should have to allow you to have a comfortable night sleep in a hammock without worrying about the colds.

Sleeping Pads

Insulating the bottom of your hammock with a foam sleeping pad is the best way to stay warm while camping on a hammock. A sleeping pad is an insulated, inflatable sleeping gear that you can hang on the outside of your hammock. Notably, a sleeping pad may not be effective in insulating your body because your body will compress it, reducing its ability to retain hot hair.

You, therefore, need to understand the difference between the hammocks. Double hammocks, for instance, have an inner compartment that will allow them to hold a foam or inflatable sleeping pad. You will need spaces that will hold the foam in place so that it does not shift underneath. The sleeping pad has features to allow the condensation to pass through the fabric. It then collects on top of the pad but can make your pad soggy if you sweat a lot. People who sweat a lot may find this problematic because the foam will get soggy in the mornings.

Double hammocks are more comfortable for people who will wish to have inflatable pads. You can use a foam or an inflatable pad inside, For a single layer hammock, though it is not comfortable like it is for the double hammocks. The foam in single hammocks tends to fold around you or pull out while you are turning.

A sleeping pad could be a better option if you want to stay warm in a hammock. The cost is friendly, but maybe it will not take long before you begin looking for something free from the shortcomings.

Hammock Underquilt

Close up of Ayamaya hammock underquilt

You will need a hammock underquilt when the temperatures are too low. When it gets down to 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it means that you will need something better than a sleeping pad. Synthetic underquilt for this case is the best option though you should be ready to pay more than you will do for a sleeping pad.

When setting up the hammock underquilt, you will hang it from the log ends of a hammock, and you slung underneath to envelop your back. It will also cover the sides of the hammock, giving it perfect insulation. An underquilt is preferable because it is light-weight, and compress well. It is a better choice for backpackers because it takes up less space than other alternatives.

When choosing an underquilt, you should pick the one that has your preferable length. The underquilt are available in a variety of lengths. You can choose a full-length quilt when you are camping in a cold environment. The underquilt length depends on your personal preference, and you should only choose what best fits you at the moment.

Warm Clothing

Woman in a down jacket in the snow in front of a dome tent

Another way that will increase the warmth while you are out camping is wearing warm clothing. Dressing in warm clothing will make your experience better when you are sleeping in a top quilt. There is clothing that will accord you warmth when you are camping. They are balaclava, a hat and insulated hoods. Other warm clothing options are gloves, booties, fleece long underwear and others. All this clothing will increase your warmth significantly while you are camping.

Top Insulation

Every camper has their preference when sleeping in a hammock, though the majority prefers Underquilts due to their space-saving nature. Using an underquilt is also less frustrating when you are staying in a confined area. You can add blankets, a ball of wool or even a fleece blanket on top of the underquilt because they are among the viable options to keep you warm during the cold nights.

Another best choice of quilts that will keep you warm on your night out is the Mquilts. The hoodless quilts are lightweight and are the best alternative for sleeping bags. The quilts are available in many temperature ratings, meaning that they are versatile for many people.

Protecting yourself against wind

When you are staying in cold weather, you should have the gear to protect you against it. Several ways can help you stay warm in cold weather. You do not want the wind to strip the heat from you, and maybe, the first thing you should do is to lower your tarp as low as possible. Getting a tap has doors that will enable you to create a cocoon for yourself.

Another way to protect yourself from the wind while camping is purchasing a hammock that has an over cover. The over-cover should layer over the top netting to allow it to hold the heat that your body generates. Having an over-cover will save you 5 to 10 degrees heat that heavy winds can carry.

Ayamaya bug net hammock in the backyard

Bottom line

To conclude, it is every camper’s wish t stay warm while camping. It is not easy to achieve it unless you pay attention to the things that will guide you to choose the best gear for that purpose. Malay people already have a sleeping bag, and may find it quite expensive to think of a hammock underquilt. An underquilt is the best choice for hardcore campers who intends to do the camping frequently. An underquilt is the best option that will grant endless benefits plus the fact that it is space-saving and it will favour your backpacking adventures.

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