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AYAMAYA 30kN Climbing Carabiner (3 Pack)

AYAMAYA 30kN Climbing Carabiner (3 Pack)

Sale price$29.99 USD

When it comes to rock climbing, choose the reliability of aluminum—the most common and trusted material in carabiners. Experience the perfect balance of lightness and stiffness that is crucial for your climbing adventures, especially in those remote areas where every ounce matters. High-quality aluminum carabiners ensure impressive strength ratings, providing safety in various climbing applications.

Product Features:
  • Innovative D Shape & Groove Design: Enhance your safety and stability with the unique D shape and groove design of this carabiner. The D shape ensures that connected harnesses and protective tools stay fixed on the force position of the major axis. The specially designed groove on the bottom prevents components from moving, adding an extra layer of security to your climbing experience.
  • Secure Anti-Skid Screw Thread Lock Gate: Lock the gate in a closed position for added protection against accidental openings with the threaded sleeve over the gate. The Anti-Skid Screw Thread ensures a smooth and secure lock, providing peace of mind during your climbs.
  • Safety First with Anti-Lanyard Keylock Nose: The gate of the carabiner is equipped with an Anti-Lanyard Keylock Nose, preventing other ropes from accidentally getting hung. This design is especially crucial when operating the carabiner with one hand, prioritizing safety in every climbing situation.

This carabiner goes beyond climbing—it's a versatile tool for various outdoor activities. Use it to connect parts of an anchor system, hang bags, secure gear, or even as a keychain. Ideal for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and traveling, as well as specialized uses such as fall protection systems, anchor setting, rappelling, climbing, rescue, and more. Trust in the reliability and functionality of this multi-purpose carabiner for all your adventurous pursuits.

Includes: (3) Ayamaya 30kN Climbing Carabiners

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Material: Aluminum
Color: Grey
Brand: Ayamaya
Recommended Uses: Climbing
Shape: D-Shape
Lock Type: Screw
Dimensions: 3.3"L x 2.9"W
Item Package Dimensions: 6.4 x 4.5 x 1 inches ( L x W x H )
Package Weight: .24 Kilograms
How does the D shape and groove design enhance safety?
It ensures connected harnesses and protective tools stay fixed on the force position of the major axis.

How does the threaded sleeve over the gate contribute to safety?
It locks the gate in a closed position, protecting against accidental openings.

Why choose aluminum for rock climbing carabiners?
Aluminum offers reliability, lightness, and stiffness crucial for climbing adventures.

Apart from climbing, what other outdoor activities is this carabiner suitable for?
It's versatile for camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, and specialized uses like fall protection systems and rescue operations.

What makes this carabiner a reliable multi-purpose tool?
Its high-quality aluminum construction, innovative design, and versatility make it dependable for various adventurous pursuits.