Leaving your pup behind while going camping is not at all a likable act. But if you want to take them with you, then there are a lot of things you should be aware of. Camping is more enjoyable with your four-legged friend. But your lazy little pup may not be comfortable with the hiking trail you are so excited about. In fact, tenting under the star may take some toll on them. To take them with you with full protection, you need to consider a few things.

Here we are going to talk about all those significant issues that will help you when camping with dogs and keep them safe as well.

Why Should You Go Camping With Dogs?

Yes, they can make you compromise a few fun activities, but it is better for them with you than worry after leaving them in a kennel or with a pet sitter. No one knows and understands your dog better than you. So being worried after leaving them behind is normal. Their furry presence will only multiply our fun and enjoyment of hiking. And it is a sight to watch when they jump out of joy. They deserve the extra quality time with their master, and you also deserve your constant companion in your adventurous time.

But let us think about some more reasons to take them with you:

  • They are great in distracting your troubled mind from drifting back to your regular worries, work stress, and personal issues.
  • If you have toddlers with you on your camping trip, then they will keep your kids busy and entertained.
  • If your camping location is in wild surroundings, then you no longer need to worry about your and your family’s security.
  • They will not let you feel alone and scared if you are going for solo hiking for the first time. No matter you want it or not, they will snuggle you at night and wake you up with a kiss.
  • You cannot resist their innocent and playful ways to make you laugh more than ever.
  • You do not need an alarm clock to wake up for that sunrise, and they will never let you sleep if they are up before you.
  • If you love to take snaps, then you are going get beautiful moments to capture.
Man sitting with two golden retriever dogs overlooking mountain

Things You Should Think While Taking Them With You

Your Dogs and Their Nature

Here we are not talking about any particular breed. If this is the first time you are taking your pup with you for camping, then understanding their behavior, character, and irritants will help you a lot. Not all dogs are camping dogs, and you can not change their nature. If you force an unwilling dog or drag them with you without being aware, then they can ruin the whole trip. Let us give some examples and situations you may face.

You may not be the only camper in the campsite, and if your dog is a yapper, then no one is going to tolerate that. But do not sweat much to stop your hound’s vocal practices, instead choose a campsite away from other campers.

Can your dog tolerate other dog’s presence?

This is a severe problem that you may have to face. And trust us when we say that this is something beyond your control. Even if your dog is a peace-loving one, then also other over-friendly dogs can make him crazy by sniffing him incessantly. If your dog can become aggressive in such a situation, then the best thing you can do is to choose a wilder campsite away from other dogs.

Can your dog become disobedient and ignore your call?

Well, tolerating their disobedience in your yard is one thing. But imagine a cold and wild campsite, where your dog is just in a mood of roaming around. No matter how lovingly you call, she is not going to respond. In that case, use a leash to have a good night's sleep.

Is your dog gutsy about human food?

Let’s face it, the greedy little doggy and his wagging tail during you eat may be a cute thing for you, but your co-camper may not take that kindly. And if that little-fella loves to demolish foods, then you know what to do. Use the leash.

Does your dog patiently accept being on the leash?

Many campsites may not allow free-roaming dogs. So, in that case, you have no option than choosing an open-air wilder camping area.

Tips that will help you camping with your dog

So the basic self-survey is done, and you are convinced to take your cutie-pie with you. Now, it is time to think about other necessary and decisive matters. You need to get really prepared for that event. Your royal dog needs some individual gears, tools, and a lot of attention.

Practice with them

Before the very day, take them somewhere unknown and open. Create an ambiance to make them a bit vulnerable and see how they react. This small experiment will give you an idea and help you prepare for the worse situation. Every dog has their own individual way of reacting to something. And that is really unpredictable. They can get angry, scared, or even crazily happy.

Pick a Dog-friendly Campsite

Not all campgrounds are ready to accept dogs or suitable for them. Do some research, go through a few reviews, and talk with other owners in forums before you choose the campsite. It is your responsibility and duty to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

Choose The Right Tent

It is natural to feel insecure about keeping them outside your tent and sleep without worrying about your furry friend. But if you want to keep them with you, then you have to choose the right tent for camping with dogs. You cannot just let them struggle inside a tiny one-person tent. They are not going to compromise if they usually take a lot of space to feel comfortable.

Two golden retriever dogs in tent camping with owner

ID for your dog

Your dog needs to be identified in unknown places. Update his tag and include all the required info there. You should always be ready for the worse circumstances. Do not forget to mention your mobile number.

Keep info about a vet near to the campsite

Suppose a kind and friendly camper offers a particular food to your pup, and he could not refuse that kind of love and became sick. Yeah, odds can happen. So be ready.

Keep a Close Eye

You need to keep your dog within your sight at all times because:

  • Campsite trash cans can with litter can be mouth-watering to your dog.
  • Other dogs might not be sociable.
  • Children can become devilish and surprise your timid pup.
  • Your dog can drink from filthy water, which can cause severe stomach issues, beaver fever— or worse.

Camping Activities and Your dog

Don’t shove something on your dog, which is beyond his capabilities. Think about his comfort while planning the events. If your dog had no experience of walking more than the hogging lane, then do not take him on a long, arduous hike. Keep him hydrated all the time and check his paws from time to time. They can not speak, but you need to be able to understand their untold agonies.

Camping gear laid on the floor with dog and pet supplies

What should you pack when camping with dogs?

Packing is a vital part when it comes to camping with the dog:

  • A lot of poop bags- Do not let others complain about your dog and let him poop freely. Keep some poop bags with you.
  • Leash and Collar- You can not afford to forget about these two.
  • Towel- Keep a separate sheet for your dog and dry him up after his swimming expedition.
  • Your dog’s favorite food- You can be in a mood to break your diet and try something new while camping. But your dog can be a control-freak and may not want to disrupt his diet. So keep that food with you.
  • Toys and Bedding- Let them feel cozy in their personal sleeping bag and also do not forget his chewing ball.
  • First-aid kit- Keep basic dog first aid things and medicines for odd hours.
  • Bug spray- if your camping in a wild area or in a place where other dogs are roaming here and there, then keep the bug spray to avoid unwanted parasites. You can stop them from rummage around the tall grasses, so be prepared.
Two hikers with backpacks hiking with dog in the forest

Follow a few unavoidable rules of the campground

  • Retain your dog on a chain or leash at all times
  • Clean up your dog’s mess and after your dog
  • Your dog should always wander under your watch. Do not leave them unattended.
  • Don’t let your dog woof frenziedly.
  • Keep your dog away from children’s areas

The Final Thought

You may feel confident about your situation-control skill and think that there is no need to get prepared before for camping with your dog. But it will be your responsibility if anything unpredictable incident happens. Dogs are innocent; they cannot be accustomed to a totally alien place and set overnight. Do not force them. If your dog is not a camping dog, then do not try to train him beyond his competence. It will be stressful for both you and your dog. Evaluate and rethink all the points mentioned above and enjoy your camping without any worry.

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