24 Spike Crampons
ice cleats have 24 spikes made of strength stainless steel
ayamaya crampons have velcro straps to ensure the ice cleats are on shoes more secure and comfortable
crampons ice cleatsare perfect for hiking climbing jogging andicefishing

Ayamaya 24 Spike Crampons

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AYAMAYA Upgraded 24 Spikes Crampons

Elevate your winter outdoor experience with Ayamaya's 24-spike crampons for boots. Designed for versatility, these microspikes make every winter activity a breeze, from hiking and jogging to ice fishing and snow shoveling.

Heavy-Duty Double Linked Chains: Featuring heavy-duty double-linked chains with 24 reinforced stainless-steel spikes, these crampons deliver superior traction and stability on snow and ice-covered surfaces. The triangular stud layout and double-link chain securely anchor the spikes, providing confidence for tackling even the most challenging winter trails.

Improved Fit with Adjustable Straps: Enjoy an improved fit with adjustable straps that ensure a snug, customized feel, preventing slipping and adding comfort to your winter adventures.

Versatility with Three Size Options: Choose from three size options (M, L, XL) catering to a wide range of users, including men, women, kids, and the elderly. This adaptability makes Ayamaya's ice cleats suitable for various boots and shoes, enhancing their versatility across different outdoor activities.

Tips to store: When not in use, store your crampons in a cool, dry place. For optimal care, fold them with spikes facing inwards and place them in the provided bag. Consider applying synthetic or natural oil to the stainless steel chains to prevent rust, ensuring your crampons stay in top condition for every winter excursion. No winter destination is off-limits with Ayamaya's reliable and adaptable crampons.

Note: The shoes are NOT included

Features: Upgraded Wear-Resistant 24 spikes
Material: 201 Reinforced Stainless Steel + Elastic TPE
Product Size: 3 Sizes to Choose From
Product Weight: 1 lbs
Recommended Uses: Climbing, Fishing, Jogging