A carabiner is a vital piece of equipment that aids in rock climbing despite its small size. Carabiners have the responsibility to bear your weight while you are in for rock climbing. You need to know how to choose the best by understanding the features. There are options in the market and makes the decision process to be a bit daunting.

It is imperative to define what a carabiner is and how the carabiners will differ from each other. As a beginner, you don’t deserve the hassle when choosing the best out of the many options.

What Is a Carabiner?

A carabiner is a small piece of metal that will support your weight during rock climbing. It is a piece of equipment responsible for attaching the ropes to your equipment for a secure hold. The duties may not be limited to keeping your equipment in position! It then becomes prudent to choose the best with features that will assure longevity. The carabiners you choose will determine if you will have a second chance to climb the rock again. It should be strong because an accident may not give you a second chance.

Here are the lead tips that you should know about carabiners. Keep reading for insights on what you need to know when choosing a carabiner.

The shape of your carabiner

The carabiners do not have the same shapes. They may feature the same metals and gates, but the shape will differ. The shape variation does matter a lot, and you need to know why certain shapes will be best for you. Every shape will be best for a specific function. The three main types of carabiners are the D-shaped, Oval and symmetrical D shape carabiner.

different carabiner shapes


If you are looking for a durable carabiner, you should consider the D shaped carabiner. The symmetrical design that they have makes them balance the weight effectively regardless of the load. D shaped options are solid enough to make them sturdy to enable them to bear incredible loads. Despite the strength of excellence, it won’t miss a setback. It may not be a perfect option for the climbers who want efficiency while climbing the rocks. They are heavier than the rest, but they are durable than any other carabiner you can get.


Oval is the most popular type of carabiners that was there since the days of our forefathers. There have been several inventions, but the oval carabiners have a large following in the market. The Oval carabiner is attractive to climbers because of its symmetrical design that will prevent load shifting. The oval carabiners also pose an advantage of versatility. The climbers will also use the carabiner as a carabiner-brake rappel.

When you buy the oval carabiner, you should be ready to face the challenges that come with it. The design makes it less solid, unlike the d-Shaped carabiner. The strength is, therefore, a bit compromised, unlike its counterparts. It is not the best investment for climbers who are looking for a heavy-duty carabiner.

A-Symmetrical D-Shaped

The third type of carabiner that you can have is the symmetrical D shaped. It is now dominating the market because of its characteristics. This option is durable, and you won’t have to be exchanging your carabiners now and then. It has a large gate to allow for easy clipping. The ends are also disproportional to reduce the weight.

They are heavy duty lightweight options that won’t compromise with the strength. If you are a beginner, you can bank on the symmetrical d-shaped carabiners because they are lightweight and durable.


The size of a carabiner is another vital factor that you must never omit when you are looking for the best carabiner. The types of climbing that you are planning will determine the size that you will choose. The larger the carabiner, the larger the gates and the larger capacity. You will have great convenience.

The large size carabiners will be heavier than the smaller size. When you are choosing, you should be ready to bear the weight. Small size one has small gates, and it gets difficult to use them. You want convenience when clipping. Choose the carabiner that has large gates for easy clipping and opening.

The Carabineer’s Weight

A carabiner supports the weight. The weight of the carabiner is therefore vita. If you are climbing long ranges of rocks, you will need to be careful with the weight. Lightweight equipment is necessary for convenience while you are on your adventures.

It does not imply that you should go for a lightweight option available, but there is a consideration that must come in handy. Choose the carabiner with all the necessary information that will suit your purpose. Don’t be in a rush. A heavy carabiner will be best if you are doing a short range of climbing, but you can opt for a lightweight one if it is a long trek.


Finally, the load is an important consideration that must come to your mind when choosing a carabiner. You will be working with loads if you are going for research, if it is camping in a mountain, of course, you will have your things on your back. It is prudent to know what you are carrying to help you choose the perfect kind of carabiner. Having the right carabiner will warrant safety and prevent other issues that may arise while you are climbing.

How to Choose Between Locking/Non-Locking Carabiners

It will be best to differentiate between the locking and non-locking carabiners to understand how to make this choice.

Locking carabiners

how to lock carabiners

Locking carabiners will accord the user with two options; the manual screw-lock and the auto-locking option. The technology has made many climbers opt for an auto-locking one because it closes as soon as you close the carabiner. The manual one is best for pessimists who won’t stand at anything but do things their way. The locking carabiners will securely fasten your load, and the ease it gives when you are connecting to the belaying device.

Non-Locking Carabiners

Another option that won’t be a bad deal is a non-locking option. This type of carabiner is more lightweight and therefore will be preferable in situations where you will be climbing long ranges of rocks. You should be aware that they won’t provide security. It is not best when you are doing something prudent. They can’t lock hence any security for the items that you value.

You must not use a non-locking carabiner to attach to a belaying device, because you will be risking your life! Use your carabiners appropriately for safety.

The situation in Which You’ll Use It

ropes & carabiners hikers gear

The last factor that you must consider when choosing a carabiner is the situations where you will be using the carabiner. How you will use it will determine the carabiner that you can buy. You need a carabiner that will fit your rock climbing needs. You can invest in a lightweight carabiner f you will be climbing long ranges. You will gain need a heavy and sturdy carabiner if the place is steep and possess many challenges. Your interest and climbing needs will help you choose the best carabiner that will augur your needs.

Take time to access the details of your next climbing to help you make the right decision. You need to purchase the right carabiner accordingly. The brands that you should buy the carabiner from should have a reputation, and you don’t end up with a poor quality carabiner that may risk your life.

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