3 pcs D-Shape Climbing Carabiner
Auto Locking D-Shape Climbing Carabiner
Size of Auto Locking D-Shape Climbing Carabiner

Ayamaya Auto-Lock 30kN Climbing Carabiner (3 Pack)

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D-Shape: Easily opened with one hand, making it easy to connect. Can make the connected harness and protective tools fixed on the force position of the major axis.

Unique Groove Design: The carabiner has a specially designed groove on the bottom, which can effectively prevent the connecting component from moving. Make it more safe and stable while climbing.

Keylock Nose: Prevents snagging. Munter Hitch compatible.

Anti-Skid Screw Locking Gate: The Screw Thread over the gate is special designed to be Anti-Skid. Make it more smoothly to lock.

Note: It is necessary to receive adequate training (knowledge of techniques and security measures) before using the tools. Incorrect use or improper maintenance could lead to serious accidents even fatal. Please read carefully or learn enough knowledge before use.

Includes: (3) Ayamaya Auto-Lock 30kN Climbing Cababiners

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    Material: Hot wrought aluminum-magnesium alloy
    Certification system: CE
    Maximum tension: (3000kg x g)
    Dimensions (L x W): Approx. 2.95 x 4.4 Inch