A sleeping bag is famous camping gear, though many people are now opting for a quilt. Could there be a reason for choosing a quilt? This article will review the reasons why you should consider a quilt over a sleeping bag.


There is a definite difference between a sleeping bag and a quilt. A quilt has an open back. You are sure to reduce the material and weight that could have burdened you if you were to choose a sleeping bag. The fact that a sleeping bag will envelope all your body with a full-length zipper increases its weight and makes it less admirable for hardcore backpackers and mountaineers.

A quilt will also compare cheaper than a sleeping bag. The difference will arise in instances where the material that makes them do differ. A quilt uses less material than a sleeping bag that needs a bigger material to an-able it to sandwich your body.

The sleeping bags and quilts have some similarities!

First, they are both designed for the same purpose. They are both effective in keeping the camper warm when sleeping outdoors. Each has an insulating material referred to as fill which is often a synthetic material or down.

You can save some money if you opt to buy a sleeping bag or a quilt with a synthetic fill than the down fill, though you will have to bear heavyweights. If your concern is weight, then it will be worth investing in a dawn fill that is less bulky than that the synthetic fill. Synthetic fill has other merits than the down fill such a being less porous and water-resistant, implying that your quilt or sleeping bag made using the synthetic fill can last longer.

The down fill sleeping bags are expensive than the synthetic fills. The demand for dawn sleeping bags and quilts are increasing. The campers are beginning to realize the ratio of warmth to weight ratio is superior. Long-distance hikers find this quite a better option.

Now that we have a glimpse of the similarities between the quilt and the sleeping bag, it will be worth considering the reasons why you ought to purchase a quilt over a sleeping bag!

1. A quilt is lighter than A sleeping bag

If you want to cut that weight by 20 to 30%, you should think of a quilt. Quilt do not have hoods like their counterparts and has insulation on top of the sleeper. The sleeping bag has insulation along all its length.

2. A quilt takes less volume

When climbing mountains or hiking for long distances, you will need something that will take up little space. A quilt takes a small space compared to a sleeping bag, and it is more compressible than a sleeping bag. The quilt has the compression greatly minimized due to its small size, and it will be durable because minimizing compression enhances the longevity of the material.

3. A quilt is warmer than the sleeping bag

A quilt has fantastic improvement that places way better than their counterparts. You can now get sufficient warmth during the cold nights without necessarily covering yourself with a bulky material. The design and the workmanship in the quilt are worth appreciating because you can now enjoy the benefits of having a quality neck collar, best width options and improved attachments systems.

4. No zipping issues

The sleeping bag has a zipper on its full length, and you will have issues in instances where the zippers are sticking. For the quilts, there is no zipping, and you are safe from snagging or sticking. You get right in there, and you are ready for a warm sleep.

Sleeping bag quilts showing several features

5. A quilt is also less restrictive

When you are sleeping in a quilt, you will have the freedom to move around, making it an excellent choice for side sleepers. Though your sleeping bag still can accord the same comfort, you won't have the privilege of an attachment system underneath to help you keep out the drafts when you are turning over.

6. A quilt keeps less moisture compared to a sleeping bag

A sleeping bag will allow you to have your head inside, and the chances of accumulating the moisture are high. For a quilt, your head will be out, and your worries will far from wondering about moisture.

7. A quilt is relatively cheaper

A quilt is less expensive because it does not have a zip and uses less fill material in comparison to sleeping bag. A quilt is a smart option for users intending to save some money and reduce the luggage on their back. A quilt is lightweight because it uses less material, and the lesser the material, the cheaper the price. You will though incur some expense if you opt for a dawn quilt because it is expensive compared to the synthetic fill. You can save a great deal if you need something for cover, and you care less about the warmth and comfort. Maybe you will be sleeping for few hours, and you don’t see a reason to have something warmer.


To conclude, a quilt is the best option you can have when you need something warm, less bulky and compressible. Consider the brands selling the quilt and let the customer reviews guide you while you are choosing the product. The better the reviews, the more attractive the quilt is. Do not ignore the negative reviews, because they are the only source of insights that no brand will elaborate for you.

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