Many reasons will inspire you to acquire a hammock. If you are a camper and you are sure you will have to spend some time in the woods, a hammock will be a great asset. You may be out here in the woods to chill or to enjoy a night under the stars. It is possible, and you will not be the first one, because the sightings of the hammocks hanging between trees are becoming common. As a beginner, you will need to know the tips that will guide you to purchase the best hammock, because not all hammocks available out there are the best.

The article here will instill in you the necessary features that will make the best hammock for you.

Things to consider when choosing a Hammock

In brief, the following features will come in handy for you when you are choosing a hammock tent.

  • The size of the hammock, because you will have a single and double hammock to choose from
  • The end-use is vital because you will need to determine the best kind to serve the purpose.
  • Accessories are other prudent features to check out in a hammock. Ensure that the hammock you are buying has all the factors you will need like the suspension system, straps, an underquilt, a tarp, and other relevant features.
  • You should also check if it has hammock tents and sleep systems. A hammock should have accessories that will be essential while you are sleeping.

Things to consider for Hammock Sizes and Specs

Hammocks come in varying sizes. You will get a double and single hammock, and your decision will solely lie on the needs you have. You will choose a double-size hammock if comfort is what you consider most. It will best also when you are going to spend time with a friend or a partner.

Feet hanging out of a hammock

Difference between the single and double hammocks

Single hammocks are the type of hammocks that will only be enough for one person. They are less spacious, and their lengths range from 4 to 5 feet. The single hammock will be best for people who are careful about weight. Backpackers will be happy to own a single hammock because it is less bulky. It is important to note that single hammocks are not comfortable like double hammocks because of the small space. The weight limits for the single hammocks are 300 to 400 pounds. The ultralight capacity may reach 250 pounds.

Double hammocks are more spacious and will accord comfort more than single hammock hammocks. Varieties of double hammocks will have a width ranging from 5 to 6 feet in range. The double hammock offers space for people who need spacious lounging. It may not be nice for people who don't liken getting bulky. Its weight ranges from 400 to 500 pounds. Ultralight models are close to 350 pounds.

Hammock length

A backpacker should not worry about the hammock lengths because they often have almost the same lengths. You should be worried if you are extra tall, and you may want some adjustments. You only need to get a hammock that will give you an extra 2 feet length for better comfort. You will get the best heights that will fit you because the manufacturers consider the universal length for all people.

The fabric that makes up the hammock

Many hammock reviews will not consider this as a necessity when choosing the best hammock. You need to choose between heavy-duty fabrics and Ultra-light fabrics. If you will choose a heavy-duty fabric, you will have a chance to enjoy higher denier numbers than the ultra-light ones. How you will use it will determine if you will need heavy-duty or ultra-light ones. If you stay in a rough place where chances of it wearing out are higher, you will need the fabric with the higher denier numbers. People using it in a less rough place can do well with the ultra-light ones.

What accessories should you look for in a Hammock?

hammock straps and carabiner

Every hammock has its product descriptions. Take responsibility to check all the details in the product description to ascertain the type of accessories that your hammock will have. Most hammocks will work with any accessory, but you have to confirm it in the product description. Here are the leading add-ons that must never miss in a hammock.

Suspension system

The suspension system is a vital part of accessories that your hammock must never miss. It will come with carabiners, but you will need to purchase their straps separately. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are strong enough to support you in a hammock. They should not be thin, because they may damage the barks of the trees where you will be suspending your hammock. A strap that is 0.75inches is the best because it accords sufficient strength and safeguards the barks of trees.


Staying in a hammock will be interesting, but it gets a bit discouraging when it gets cold, and you start feeling the cold air at your bottom. You will need to insulate the cold air at the bottom, and this is where the underquilt comes in handy. An underquilt is often warmer than the sleeping pad, and you will need an underquilt if you want your experience to be memorable. It is even comfortable because you won’t need to compress the insulation between you and the hammock.

Bug net

Bug net hammock in campsite

A bug net is another accessor that your hammock should never miss. You can get a 360-degree bug net or you can make it for yourself. You need to ensure that the net you are buying will offer 360-degree protection because your back will also need cover so that you don’t get infected by the tiny insects that may sneak from underneath.

Rain tarp

The rain tarp will hang above your hammock. Every rain tarp has guylines that will maintain it at its tout pitch. You will have to choose between the smaller and bigger models. The advantages of bigger models are the fact that you will enjoy better protection. You won't face issues with rains sneaking underneath when it gets windy.

Many other add-ons will be available but are good to consider the best ones to serve a specific purpose.

What you need to know about the hammock tents and sleep systems

Hammock tents may not be everyone’s favorite. It is a personal prevalence, and you will do well if you borrow a friend and test if it is viable for you. The benefits you will enjoy when you use a hammock tent includes:

  • It can be a camp chair
  • It’s a summer shelter. It may be better than a tent during the summer
  • It does not impact the vegetation
  • You don’t need a level ground like a tent

Despite the overwhelming benefits, you won’t miss some shortcomings. It cannot work in places where there are no sturdy trees. It is colder and won’t be effective rainproof, unlike the tent. The hammock will not serve more than two people unlike the tent making it less popular.

Final thought

Your experience in a hammock will be memorable if you will have the right gear. As a backpacker, you deserve a wonderful experience. You can get this if you make the right hammock choice. The tips are vital in determining the choices you will make. Don’t allow the existence of many options to interfere with your option. You can choose the Ayamaya Hammock for it has all the best features.

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