Hammocks are beginning to win the hearts of many people. Recently, many people thought hammocks are for campers and adventure seekers, but now, people have many reasons to have one of these equipment. People even will decide to spend their time in a Hammock during the honeymoons because they believe spending some hours under the stars will be a great adventure!

Regardless of the reasons you have for choosing a Hammock, the article will guide you on choosing a smart Hammock so that you don't compromise with the experience that was supposed to be good. Check out everything you need to know when choosing a good camping hammock.

What are the lead factors that will guide you when choosing a camping Hammock?

First, you will need to have a clear picture of why you need a camping hammock. Some many reasons and factors will define the type of Hammock that will best suit your activities. What are you going to do during your camping? Will you be patrolling at night, or you want to spend time in your Hammock? Clearly defining this will be a significant milestone when choosing a camping Hammock.

Why is a Hammock tent best?

If you have a traditional sleep tent, it will be worth reinvesting in a Hammock tent because it will deliver more benefits to you than the traditional sleep tent. You want a different experience. That is why it will be worth considering the benefits that a Hammock tent will deliver to you.

First, you will not need a level ground like the traditional sleeping tents. They are more relaxed than the traditional ones and will have less impact on the vegetation. You will, though, have other demerits that the traditional tent will not have. Hammock tents will need a place with trees. It won't also be best if the place is freezing and may not be best for more than two people.

It is these essential factors that will guide you when making a decision. It will be best if you have a thorough research about the place you are camping to decide on the best sleeping equipment. Understanding the temperature and seasons will help you. Because it won't be a good idea if you buy a Hammock tent and it is a rainy season. A hammock tent will also not be perfect if you are camping in the mountains with less stress.

man in hammock in the middle of the woods

Hammocks With or Without Spreader Bars

When you decide to buy a hammock tent, you should know that there are hammocks with spreader bars and others without spreader bars. If you opt for a hammock with a spreader bar, you will be in for a ready comfort because it is already stretched for you. You will also like that it has the rods at the ends to ensure that the Hammock is tout. Though some people will like this idea, some find it quite uncomfortable to sleep due to their tout nature. So, it brings us back to the need to define the purpose. The Hammock with spreader bars will be best if you will use it for sunbathing or resting at the pool.

On the other hand, there are hammocks without the spreader bars. Reviewers agree that the hammocks of this kind are the best, and they will accord you with comfort because they can mold better with your body. There is also ease when getting in and out of the Hammock, making it perfect for people who have mobility issues. You will also enjoy the cocooning effect if you need protection against strong winds.

Types of Hammocks

It will be worth understanding the available types of hammocks to help you make a better decision regarding the purpose. Check out the types of hammocks below and see if they will fit your purpose.

1. Rope Hammocks

If you need a hammock for beach events, then the rope hammocks will be the best because they have loose ropes that will support the Hammock. It will be easier to suspend the loose palms' ropes, giving you a comfortable time during the beach event. Comfort is not compromised with this Hammock because they are loose and breathable, making it perfect for napping and reading on a beach.

2. Camping Hammocks

The hammock types are the best backpacking hammocks you can carry for your camping activities. The camping hammocks often have the attached sacks or pockets that will make them more comfortable for you to carry. It is important to note that the camping hammock will be best if you will be traveling to some far place and you will want something that will give you sleep comfortably.

3. Quilted hammocks

Quilted hammocks are more supportive and tight and will be perfect for people who will be staying in cold regions while camping. Quilted hammocks will have spreader bars so that they don't flip apart. It will work correctly with hammock stands because they won't be stretching between trees.

4. Fabric Hammocks

Fabric hammocks are less expensive though they won't be perfect for camping but will be perfect for resting in pool sites or beach purposes. The Hammocks are made using polyester, and you will have various color choices to choose from. They offer ease when getting in and out for it.

5. Woven Hammocks

Woven Hammocks trace their origin to South Africa. They rank among the most comfortable hammock types that have a stylish design. You will get woven types such as the Mayan and Brazilian Hammocks. Brazilian types have their fabrics being tighter than the Mayan types. The hammocks will, of course, be perfect for people who will want to enjoy the traditional show.

Green hammock between two trees

Hammock specifications

Now that we understand the various types of Hammocks and their purposes. Let's take a look at the specifications that makes every Hammock and the thing you should be considering when you are choosing.


The size of the Hammock you choose does matters a lot. You will have a single and double-size hammock to choose from. Though you can choose a single size, it will better to have a double size if you need that comfort.


If you intend to use your Hammock for backpacking, you better choose the one with less weight. If you are here for camping or hanging out, choose the one that will stand the test of time.


Also, be careful when choosing a hammock. It would be best if you were sure that it has the accessories such as the suspension for easy setup, and under quilt when the temperatures are cold and tarp for rain, and the net for bugs.

Hammock tents and sleep systems

It is essential while you are camping. If you choose a hammock tent, it will have a hammock and other accessories for a comfortable overnight sleep.

What are the considerations when choosing between the double and single Hammock?

1. Single Hammocks

If you care so much about bulk, maybe you should think about the single hammocks because they are considerably lighter than the double hammocks. It is also less spacious, and its width ranges from four to five inches. The space is limited, and it will only fit one person. You will also not have the comfort that people with double hammocks will enjoy.

2. Double Hammocks

Their widths will range from 5 to 6 inches. They offer more spacious lounging hence making it a better choice. You can also sleep two, unlike with the single Hammock. Here you should be ready to carry more weights because they will range from 400 to 500 pounds.

You should not be worried about the Hammock length unless you are sure that you are extra tall. 2 feet long hammocks are always the best, and it is what many hammocks are made with. Most people will agree with a 2 feet's hammock length though you will find some exceptional circumstances for taller people.

You should also check the hammock fabric types. Please consider a heavy-duty fabric than ultralight fabrics. Heavy-duty fabrics will last longer than ultralight fabric ones.

Hammock accessories

It is always advisable to pay attention to product descriptions to understand the accessories that will work with your Hammock. It is, though, prudent to realize that most accessories will work with almost all hammocks. Here are the accessories that you should be careful with when you are using your Hammock.

Suspension system

If you need to add a suspension system, ensure that the option you are buying is o.75 inches wide because the thinner ones will not be suitable because they will damage the trees. Many hammocks will come with the suspension straps, though, but you will need to buy some for better support.

Hammock underquilt

People who are sleeping in cold regions and experience cold in their bottom regions that do not have insulation will be vital to have a hammock underquilt. Using a separate underquilt is beneficial because it will hang outside, and therefore it won't compress the insulations between you and your Hammock.

Hammock rain trap

Here is another lovely Hammock accessory that hangs above the Hammock. The hammock rain trap uses guylines to maintain a tout pitch. It would be best to look for a bigger model to offer you better protection from rains. It will also protect the rain from sneaking underneath.

Bug net Hammock

When looking for a bug net hammock, ensure that you choose the one with 360-degree protection. The bug nets will hang underneath to protect your back.

The hammock gear above is standard, and you will have to check in every Hammock. Interestingly, there are other additions that you can add if you like more fun with your Hammock.

Sum up

All the factors highlighted above play a role when you are choosing a Hammock. There are indeed lots of them out there in the market. It is good to understand the purpose of using your Hammock that way, and it will help you pay attention to the features you will want to see in your Hammock. Camping will be memorable when you have the right hammock gear. Always understand the product descriptions in every Hammock you buy to not end up with something that won't impress you.

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