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Trona TrekPak Rechargeable Heating Pocket / Pad

Trona TrekPak Rechargeable Heating Pocket / Pad

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AYAMAYA Instant Heat TrekPak! A wireless, multifunction, portable heating pad and heating sack with a 5000mAH rechargeable battery.

Imagine the cozy sensation of wrapping yourself in warm towels fresh from your home dryer. Now, picture experiencing that same delightful feeling while hiking or camping! Embrace the warmth wherever your outdoor adventures take you!

Zip it up and you have a heated backpack / hot-pocket to warm up shirts, gloves, socks or any other camping gear that needs a boost of warmth! Unzipped and opened it's a large heating pad perfect for sleeping bags, hammock underquilts, chairs, or over your lap on a cold day. 

Instant Heat with 3 Modes: The heated TrekPak can rapidly heat up to a maximum of 140℉ in just 5 seconds. Three adjustable temperature levels allow personalized comfort, keeping you warm in different conditions. Ideal for winter camping, outdoor events, or staying cozy at home.

Compression Stuff Sack: The 17.7 x 15.7inch storage bag can accommodate a single sleeping bag or a hammock underquilt. Equipped with two shoulder straps, it functions as a backpack or compresses tight. Additionally, it includes a small exterior pocket for storing camping accessories.

5000mAh Battery Included: The heating bag is equipped with a 5000mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous operation at its highest heating mode for up to 3 hours. It can also provide power for other USB devices. Its compact size and lightweight design takes up little space. Compatible with standard USB power bank in case you'd like use a larger battery to get extended hours of heating. 

Winter Activity Essentials: The hot-pocket is a must-have for winter camping gear. Whether you're camping in the wilderness, ice fishing on a frozen lake, or participating in various outdoor activities in cold conditions, this heating pack offers instant warmth wherever and whenever you need it.

Functions: Use as a heating blanket, heating pad, or a backpack
Material: polyester shell, cotton filling, velvet lining
High-Temp Mode: 122-131°F
Medium Temperature Mode: 113-122°F
Low Temperature Mode: 100-108°F
Power Supply Device: 5000mAh power bank
Battery Working Time: Highest heating mode can heat for up to 3 hours
Expand Size: 31.5*17.7 inch
Storage Size: 17.7*15.7inch
Weight: 17oz
How does the heating feature work in the backpack/pad?
It includes heating elements or pads strategically placed within the backpack or on the pad. These elements are designed to generate and distribute heat.

How long does it take for the backpack/pad to heat up?
It takes about 30 seconds to heat up. The heating process for the Heated TrekPad backpack/pad takes approximately 30 seconds to reach the desired temperature, allowing users to experience quick warmth.

What is the temperature range of the heating element?
The heating element in the Heated TrekPad heated backpack has a temperature range of up to 121 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring a comfortable and customizable level of warmth for the user.

How long does the heat last on a single charge?
The duration of heat on a single charge may vary depending on factors such as the temperature setting, environmental conditions, and usage patterns. Generally, the Heated TrekPad is designed to provide a sustained heat experience, but specific details on duration should be available in the product's user manual or specifications.

Is the backpack/pad washable?
It is essential to refer to the product's care instructions and user manual to determine whether the Heated TrekPad backpack or pad is washable. In general, electronic components and heating elements may require special care, so it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to maintain the product's functionality.

Is the heating element safe?
The heating element in the Heated TrekPad heated backpack is designed with safety in mind. It should adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure user safety during operation. Users should follow the provided guidelines and precautions outlined in the product manual to use the heating element safely.

Is the backpack/pad suitable for outdoor activities?
Yes, the Heated TrekPad heated backpack is specifically designed for outdoor activities, providing users with the convenience of warmth during colder conditions. Whether it's hiking, camping, or other outdoor adventures, the heated backpack enhances comfort in various outdoor settings.

Is the heating element removable for non-heated use?
The availability of a removable heating element for non-heated use depends on the specific design of the Heated TrekPad heated backpack, or you can use it while the heating mechanism is off.