Nucleus Dome Tent Clear Roof

Sale price$32.99 USD

Stargaze in Comfort: Stargazing in a tent with a detachable clear rainfly offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy unobstructed views of the twinkling night sky when the weather is clear, and if it starts to rain, the rainfly provides instant protection. It's the ideal setup for reveling in the beauty of the stars and staying dry and comfortable.

Durable PVC Protection: Strong and weather-resistant, PVC is known for its robustness and ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. When properly cared for, a PVC clear rainfly can provide long-lasting protection against, wind and UV exposure, making it a dependable choice for camping in various environments.

Quick and Simple Installation: The process for installing is very straightforward. Simply drape the rainfly over the Nucleus Dome Tent and secure in place with the robust thick hook onto the preinstalled metal rings attached to the tent fabric.  Enjoy instant protection, hassle-free.