Nucleus Dome Tent Clear Door (1 Clear Door Only)

Nucleus Dome Tent Clear Door (1 Clear Door Only)

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Clear Door for Ayamaya's Nucleus Dome Tent.

Product Features:
  • Weather-proof Private Pod: Elevate your outdoor experience with our weather-proof private pod featuring detachable clear PVC windows. Immerse yourself in the full beauty of nature with an unobstructed view, even on rainy days. Embrace the soothing sounds of the elements while staying comfortably sheltered.
  • High Quality & Durable PVC Material: Crafted from specially designed PVC material, our private pod ensures optimal clarity for a thorough appreciation of nature's scenic views. This material not only provides lasting protection but also promises convenience in avoiding outdoor messes. It's the perfect companion for rainy days, keeping you dry and connected to the outdoor surroundings.
  • Ultra Easy Installation: Experience hassle-free installation with our clear doors. Simply attach the clear door's insertion pin to the starter box connected to the tent's zipper, zip it all the way, and enjoy! Any post-installation wrinkles can be easily addressed by using a cloth and steamer to restore a smooth finish.

The Nucleus Dome Tent can have up to 6 clear doors.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is the transparent door only. If you need a tent, please purchase it separately.
Feature: High Transparency, Removable
Material: PVC+190T Polyester Hemming+Resin Zipper
Package Dimensions: 10.6" x 7.9" x 1.6" (L x W x H)
What does the Clear Door for Ayamaya's Nucleus Dome Tent offer?
It provides a weather-proof private pod with detachable clear PVC windows, allowing an unobstructed view of nature even during rainy weather.

What material is the Clear Door made of, and what benefits does it offer?
Crafted from high-quality PVC material, it ensures optimal clarity for enjoying scenic views while providing lasting protection and convenience in maintaining cleanliness.

How easy is it to install the Clear Door?
It offers ultra-easy installation by attaching the insertion pin to the tent's zipper starter box, followed by zipping it all the way. Any wrinkles post-installation can be easily smoothed out with a cloth and steamer.