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Heated Scarf & Battery Pack
Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf

Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf

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2 Ways To Wear: There is a hidden hat in the scarf, and built in 2 heating zones on ears. So you can choose to wear with or without the hat. It can keep you warm from your head to your shoulders.

Material Upgrade: The scarf's interior is now crafted from velvet material, while the hat features added cotton padding. This design ensures effective insulation for regular warmth, even when not utilizing the heating feature.

3 Heating Levels & 2 Buttons: The heating scarf built in 2 buttons for scarf and hat, and can be controlled separately.3 heating levels: Blue-Low(100-108℉)White-Medium(113-122℉)Red-High(122-131℉).

7.4V 2700mAh POWER BANK: The heated scarves comes with 2700 mAh power bank, it can provide 2-3 hours continuous heating (high mode) while fully charged. Only weigh 6oz,it won't put weight for your neck.

Lightweight & Universal Fit: The neck warmer size is 41*6.3inch,easy to wrap around, fit for men, women and kids. The scarf with power bank weigh 11oz in total, very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Can Be Machine Washed: The neck heating pad is made of polyester, can be both hand and machine washed over 30 times. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Remember to take out the power bank before washing the scarf.

Shell Material: Windproof and waterproof polyester cloth
Lining Material Soft Flannel
Filling Material Cotton
Power Link Method USB, any power bank can be used
Heading Mode 3 modes
High Temperature Mode 122-131°F
Medium Temperature Mode 113-122°F
Low Temperature Mode 100-108°F
Scarf Size 41x6.3 inch (LxW)
Hat Size 9.5x17 inch (LxW)
Scarf Net Weight 7oz
Packing Box Size 10.6x6.5x2 inch (LxWxH)
Power Bank
Battery Capacity 5000mAh
Input Voltage & Current 5V-2A
Output Current & Volate USB 5V-2.4A/DC 5V-2.4A
Charging Method USB or DC
How does the Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf work?
The Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf works by incorporating heating elements or pads within the fabric of the scarf. These elements generate heat when activated, providing warmth to the wearer. The scarf typically has controls that allow users to adjust the heat settings to their preference.

What is the power source of the heated scarf?
The power source for the Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf is typically a rechargeable battery. This portable power supply is discreetly integrated into the scarf, allowing for on-the-go warmth without the need for external power sources.

How long does the battery last on a single charge?
The duration of battery life on a single charge can vary depending on factors such as the heat setting used and environmental conditions. Typically, the product specifications or user manual for the Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf should provide information on the expected battery life for different settings.

Is the Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf washable?
The washability of the Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf depends on the specific model and manufacturer's instructions. It's essential to refer to the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to determine the appropriate way to clean and maintain the scarf without compromising its heating elements or electronic components.

Can I adjust the heat settings on the scarf?
Yes, the Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf typically allows users to adjust the heat settings to customize the level of warmth. This feature provides flexibility for users to adapt the scarf's heat output based on their comfort preferences and external conditions.

How do I recharge the battery?
The battery of the Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf is usually rechargeable, and the recharging process is commonly done using a provided charging cable. The specifics of the recharging process, including the charging time, should be outlined in the product manual. Typically, users can connect the scarf to a power source using the included USB cable or charger.

Is the Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf suitable for all ages?
The Torrid Trapper Heated Scarf is generally suitable for users of various ages. However, it's essential to consider the user's ability to handle and operate the scarf, especially if the product involves any controls or requires charging. As a safety precaution, adult supervision or assistance may be necessary for younger users.