Ayamaya Elevate Rooftop Tent with Electric Open & Close
Ayamaya Elevate Rooftop Tent with Electric Open & Close
Ayamaya Elevate Rooftop Tent with Electric Open & Close

Ayamaya Elevate Rooftop Tent with Electric Open & Close

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The Ayamaya Elevate Rooftop Tent is the ultimate solution for adventurous souls seeking elevated camping experiences. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, this rooftop tent combines comfort, convenience, and safety for your outdoor excursions. Sleeps 2-4 people (661 lbs. max) and comes with electric opening and closing. Take your camping to new heights and discover the world from the best seat in nature's house.

Functional Structure: The car rooftop tent features an aluminum alloy hardtop with an inner and outer double- layer structure. When the tent is open, it combines an outer shell and an inner tent. The outer shell provides wind resistance, rain protection, dust protection, UV resistance, and insulation, while the inner tent offers wind resistance, waterproofing, insect protection, and ventilation. The overlap between the inner and outer shells, as well as the connection with the hardtop, has 4-inches of clearance space and double-layer windows, ensuring airflow circulation while preventing condensation.

Exterior Design: The Ayamaya Roof Top Tent is designed with a side-opening layout, offering a panoramic view on three sides and strong wind resistance on the back. It boasts an attractive and practical design with a stable framework. The front features an extra-large viewing tent door, and both sides have ventilation windows with a double-layer design. The outer layer has anti-sand, anti-insect, and anti-tear mesh, allowing flexibility based on camping needs and weather conditions.

Frame Structure: The tent's main frame is constructed using high-strength aluminum alloy material with flexible custom-designed joints made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and impact-resistant nylon material. The framework design incorporates slots for attaching additional equipment and accessories. Front and rear slots come pre-installed with noise-reducing rubber seals to effectively reduce and eliminate wind noise and whistling during high-speed driving.

Fabric Body: The tent's fabric components are made from 6*3 reinforced tear-resistant 300D Oxford fabric with a water resistance rating of 3000 and a breathability rating of 3000, along with a thick PU coating. The outer shell is equipped with a sunshade and silver coating, effectively protecting against UV radiation, providing insulation and cooling while preventing fading and aging.

Custom Graphic: Make this tent your own by supplying a custom graphic for the hardshell top of your rooftop tent.

Lighting: The interior of the tent includes a standard 59 inch flexible LED lighting strip with a 6-level dimmer switch. It’s powered through a USB interface, making it safe and reliable with the use of a power bank.

Elastic Mattress: The car rooftop tent comes with a 2.4inch thick elastic mattress, consisting of 1.2 inches of sterile pearl cotton and 1.2 inches of sterilized high-density sponge. It’s complemented by a cotton mesh mattress cover, providing softness, comfort, and excellent ventilation. The mattress measures 55 x 78.7 inches, suitable for 2-4 people.

Storage Pockets: Inside the tent, there are storage pockets in the left and right corners (one on each side, two total). Here you can place items like phones, wallets, and power banks. On the outside of the tent door, there are quick-access shoe storage bags on the left and right sides (one on each side, two total). These can be used to conveniently store shoes or other items when entering or exiting the tent.

Power Supply: The electric version of the tent can be powered by the vehicle's power source or a lithium battery with a voltage range of 12V-15V, making it compatible with various types of passenger vehicles. The tent features a waterproof and dustproof aviation power interface at the aluminum alloy base, and it comes with a 3-meter power cord and a safety lift switch to prevent accidental activation.

Electric Tent Opening and Closing

Opening: Unlock the anti-theft lock buckle - insert the provided power cord into the tent's socket - insert the power plug into the car's cigarette lighter socket - activate the switch (remote control + wired control) to automatically open the top cover - extend and lock the telescopic support rod to complete the setup.
Closing: Release the lock buckle on the telescopic support rod - release the door-type support rod locking (press the lock position button) - activate the switch to automatically retract the top cover - retract the door-type support rod to its minimum position and push it into the tent - secure the lock - retract the power cord. The entire setup process can be completed in under 1 minute.

Safety Tips:

  • Before highway travel, check tent locks and U-bolts for stability.
  • Use high-quality crossbars and accessories.
  • Confirm clearance height for tunnels garages.
  • Original longitudinal bars should have a dynamic load-bearing capacity of at least lbs.
  • Ensure there are no items loaded on the top cover before opening tent during camping.
Dimensions: External Storage Size: 82.6 x 61 x 6.3 inches
Dimensions: Internal Unfolded Size: 80.7 x 55 x 55 inches
Weight: 138.9 lbs
Functional Structure: Aluminum alloy hardtop with double-layer wind resistance, rain protection, UV resistance and insulation. Inner tent for waterproofing, insect protection, and ventilation.
Exterior Design: Side-opening layout, panoramic view, strong wind resistance. Anti-sand, anti-insect, and anti-tear mesh on the outer layer.
Frame Structure: High-strength aluminum alloy with custom joints. Noise-reducing rubber seals for wind noise
Fabric Body: 6*3 reinforced tear-resistant 300D Oxford fabric. Water resistance: 3000; Breathability: 3000. PU coating, sunshade, and silver coating
Lighting: 59-inch flexible LED strip with 6-level dimmer Powered through USB interface.
Elastic Mattress: 2.4-inch thick, 1.2-inch sterile pearl cotton and 1.2-inch high-density sponge. Cotton mesh mattress cover. Dimensions: 55 x 78.7 inches, suitable for 2-4 people.
Storage Pockets: 2 inside storage pockets, 2 quick-access shoe storage bags outside the tent door.
Power Supply: 12V-15V power source compatibility. Waterproof and dustproof aviation power interface. 3-meter power cord and safety lift switch.
Electric Tent Opening and Closing: Quick setup in under 1 minute.
Standard Accessories for the Electric Version: 2.3-meter aluminum alloy telescoping ladder U-bolt installation kit Power supply and lift control unit.
How is the rooftop tent opened and closed, and which side of the tent door should face the vehicle?
The rooftop tent features a side-opening mechanism, allowing users to choose the orientation of the tent door. Typically, the tent door faces the left side of the vehicle when installed.

How much weight can the rooftop tent's top cover withstand, and what is the interior weight capacity?
The top cover can support up to 441 lbs, while the interior of the tent can bear up to 661 lbs, making it suitable for up to 4 people.

Is the telescoping ladder safe, and what are its dimensions?
The ladder is safe, with a multi-level one-button retraction. When extended, it reaches 90.5 inches, and when folded, it measures 24 inches long, 17.7 inches wide, and 2.8 inches thick.

What is the material of the decals on the rooftop tent cover, and can they be DIY replaced?
The decals are durable and UV-resistant. DIY replacement is possible, with costs depending on the materials and design chosen.

How many people can the rooftop tent accommodate?
The 1.4-meter version can accommodate 2-4 people for camping.

Is it safe to drive at high speeds with the rooftop tent installed?
Driving at speeds of up to 75 mph is generally safe, but vehicles with rooftop tents may experience increased road noise.

How do I install a car awning (side awning) alongside the rooftop tent?
You can install an awning using the integrated brackets on the opposite side of the tent.