Dune Beach Tent 3-4P
Dune Beach Tent 3-4P
Dune Beach Tent 3-4P
Dune Beach Tent 3-4P
Dune Beach Tent 3-4P
Dune Beach Tent 3-4P

Dune Beach Tent 3-4P

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Introducing the Dune 3-4P Beach Tent crafted with premium materials and designed to provide utmost comfort and convenience during your seaside adventures. Embark on your beach excursions with confidence, knowing that our beach tent offers superior functionality, premium materials, and thoughtful design. Indulge in the perfect blend of comfort, protection, and convenience, making your beach experience truly unforgettable.

Product Features:
  • Material: The inner tent boasts a resilient 150D Oxford cloth with a silver PU1200 coating, ensuring excellent durability and enhanced sun protection. The bottom is reinforced with 150D Oxford cloth, offering a reliable waterproof barrier (rated up to 59"- 78") to keep you dry in unexpected drizzles.
  • Product Dimensions: The inner tent measures a generous 78.7" in length, 59.1" in width, with a front height of 51.2" and a rear height of 45.3". Accompanying this is an extended fabric section, measuring 78.7" in length and 43.3" in width, effectively increasing the available space for your comfort.
  • Seamless Integration: The innovative design seamlessly integrates the extended fabric with the tent door, creating a discreet and private changing area. Simply close the tent door to transform it into a personal sanctuary, and effortlessly expand the usable space by opening the extended fabric section.
  • Enhanced Ventilation: Experience refreshing airflow with two triangular mesh windows thoughtfully placed inside the tent. These windows can be easily covered with curtains, offering both privacy and improved air circulation when desired.
  • Superior Construction: The inner tent's silver-coated fabric effectively reflects sunlight, while the tent door, dedicated to the extended fabric section, maintains a practical and reliable design. Additionally, four enlarged sandbags contribute to the tent's stability, with each bag measuring a substantial 14.6" x 14.6" (L x W).
  • Enhanced Stability: Included in the package are three beach pegs for secure grounding and three sandbags specifically designed for the guy ropes. These movable sandbags 17.3" x 8.7" (L x W), revolutionize traditional installation methods, resulting in improved overall wind resistance and stability.
  • What's Included: Your purchase includes a meticulously crafted beach tent, accompanied by two sturdy tent poles, four reliable guy ropes, three conveniently mobile sandbags, three durable beach pegs, an English washing label, and a comprehensive instruction manual in five languages.

The enhanced ventilation, stability features, and carefully included accessories further enhance its appeal. Unwind in your personal sanctuary with the discreet changing area or bask in the refreshing sea breeze with the tent door wide open. Your purchase not only includes the meticulously crafted beach tent but also a suite of accessories, ensuring your beach adventures are effortlessly stylish and comfortable.

Fabric Material: 150D Oxford Cloth With a Silver PU1200 Coating
Ground Material: 150D Oxford Cloth
Waterproof: True
Occupant Capacity: 4-6 Person
Number of Doors: 1
Color: Blue
Included: Tent, 2xPoles, Storage Bag, 4 Guy Ropes, 3 Sand Bags, 3 Beach Pegs, English Washing Towel
Recommended Uses: ‎Beach, Camping & Hiking, Fishing
Product Dimensions: 78.7" x 59" x 51.2" (L x W x H)
Package Dimensions: ‎17.4" x 5.75" x 5.59" (L x W x H)
What materials is the Beach Tent made from?
The inner tent features resilient 150D Oxford cloth with a silver PU1200 coating for durability and enhanced sun protection.

What are the dimensions of the inner tent and its extended fabric section?
The inner tent measures 78.7" x 59.1" x 51.2" (L x W x H) with an extended fabric section of 78.7" x 43.3" (L x W), providing ample space for comfort.

How does the tent stay ventilated?
Two triangular mesh windows inside the tent offer refreshing airflow, which can be covered with curtains for privacy.

How does the tent do in windy conditions?
Four enlarged sandbags, three beach pegs, and sandbags for guy ropes enhance stability during windy beach days.