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Hammock Underquilt for Double Hammock

Hammock Underquilt for Double Hammock

Sale price$69.99 USD

Size 98.4"*66.9" (L*W)

Why hammock camping? More comfortable; say goodbye to sleeping on rocks, roots, mud, and sloping, uneven ground. Hammock camping allows you to rise above. Quick and easy set up; just wrap your tree straps around the tree, and tie in your hammock lines and you are ready to hang. Your hammock can double as a swing seat when not sleeping.

How to stay warm hammock camping? The answer is an underquilt, which is simply an insulated quilt designed to hang underneath your hammock to prevent heat loss.

What is a hammock underquilt? An underquilt is used as bottom insulation as a replacement for a sleeping pad. It consists of sleeping bag insulation that is suspended underneath the hammock where it can insulate the bottom of the hammock without being crushed under the occupant's body weight, and without shifting under you like a sleeping pad. It also wraps around you, insulating you on your sides up to your shoulders, not just along your back, unlike a sleeping pad which is often not wide enough.

Material: 20D Shell, DWR Coating, 300T Lining
Filling Material: 300g Polyester
Color: Green, Orange
Product Dimensions: ‎98"L x 67"W
Included Components: Hammock Underquilt, 2 Carabiners, 2 Tapes
Temperature Rating: 20°F – 68°F
What is the Ayamaya Double Hammock Underquilt?

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