QuickPace Ultralight 7075 Alloy Aluminum Trekking Poles | Shockproof Hiking Poles with Quick Flip Lock | 25"-53"

QuickPace Ultralight 7075 Alloy Aluminum Trekking Poles | Shockproof Hiking Poles with Quick Flip Lock | 25"-53"

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Unleash the epitome of performance with our meticulously crafted QuickPace trekking poles, where the perfect blend of lightweight design meets unyielding strength! Crafted from aircraft-grade 7075 Alloy Aluminum, these poles redefine durability in the realm of adventure gear. Weighing in at a mere 0.27kg/9.5oz per pole, they are engineered to endure the toughest terrains.

Product Features:
  • Innovative Combination Lock System with Built-in Anti-shock Spring: Our trekking poles feature a cutting-edge combination lock system that combines quick lock and twist lock mechanisms. The twist lock area is equipped with a built-in anti-shock spring, reducing damage from impact forces. This design allows you to move quicker and faster while expending less energy.
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Grips: Designed for comfort during long treks, our hiking sticks come with ergonomic cork handles that mold to the shape of your hand, absorbing sweat and moisture to keep your hands cool and dry. Extended EVA foam sleeves provide additional support during switchbacks and changes in terrain.
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap for Security and Comfort: Our padded, fully adjustable, and breathable wrist straps ensure you never accidentally drop your poles, providing maximum comfort during your adventures.
  • Versatile Length for Most Users: With a length ranging from 25 to 53 inches, our trekking poles are suitable for most individuals. The clear scale and stop tips make adjusting the length easy and efficient. Please take care not to exceed the designated STOP point.

Equipped with strong tungsten carbide tips and a range of heavy-duty accessories, our trekking poles are designed to excel in any terrain or season. Trust in the reliability of QuickPace for your outdoor pursuits.

(1) Pair of Trekking Poles
(4) Pairs of Rubber Tips
(1) Pair Mud Stops
(1) Pair Snow Baskets
Pole Material: 7075 Alloy Aluminum
Tips material: Strong Tungsten
Grip Material: Ergonomic Cork Grip with Extended Eva Foam Grip
Lock System: Quick Lock Combine Twist Lock
Adjustable Size: 25 - 53 inch
Each Pole Weighs: 9.5 oz
What innovative lock system do QuickPace trekking poles feature?
They feature a combination lock system integrating quick lock and twist lock mechanisms, with a built-in anti-shock spring.

How do the ergonomic grips of these trekking poles enhance comfort?
The cork handles mold to your hand's shape, absorbing sweat, while extended EVA foam sleeves offer support during changes in terrain.

What does the adjustable wrist strap ensure during outdoor adventures?
It provides security by preventing accidental drops and offers maximum comfort with its padded, breathable design.

What is the adjustable length range of QuickPace trekking poles?
The length ranges from 25 to 53 inches, suitable for most users, with clear scale and stop tips for easy adjustment.

How are QuickPace trekking poles designed to excel in various terrains?
They are equipped with strong tungsten carbide tips and heavy-duty accessories, ensuring reliability in any terrain or season.