AYAMAYA Reflective Helmet Rain Cover

AYAMAYA Reflective Helmet Rain Cover

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Enhance your road safety, especially during night rides, with our Night Visual Bike Helmet Cover—a must-have for cyclists looking to increase visibility to drivers

Product Features:
  • Crafted with Super Waterproof Material: Our cycling helmet cover is made from high-quality, rip-resistant 190T nylon fabric, offering protection against various weather conditions such as rain, fog, dust, and snow. Keep your cycling helmet dry and your head warm during your rides.
  • Boosted Safety with Reflective Strip: Equipped with reflective material on each side and the front, along with additional reflective stripes, our helmet cover significantly enhances visibility during night cycling. Feel more secure, especially during nighttime rides, with increased visibility for added safety.
  • Convenient Adjustable Edge Design: Our helmet waterproof cover stands out with its adjustable edge, providing a level of convenience superior to others on the market. Easily put the cover on your helmet, and rest assured it won't slip off during your rides.

Prioritize your safety on the road with our feature-packed Night Visual Bike Helmet Cover, offering not only protection from the elements but also increased visibility for a safer cycling experience, day or night.

Material: Waterproof 190T Nylon Fabric
Feature: Safety Reflective Strip
Fixing Method: Elastic Drawstring
Sport Type: Cycling, Equestrian, Airsoft
How does it enhance safety during night rides?
Reflective material on all sides and additional stripes significantly boost visibility for safer night cycling.

How does the helmet cover protect against weather conditions?
Crafted from high-quality, rip-resistant 190T nylon fabric, it offers protection from rain, fog, dust, and snow, keeping your helmet dry and your head warm during rides.

How does it stay secure during rides?
The adjustable edge makes it easy to put on and ensures it stays securely in place during rides.