AYAMAYA Mosquito Head Net Hat
AYAMAYA Mosquito Head Net Hat

AYAMAYA Mosquito Head Net Hat

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Experience ultimate outdoor comfort and protection with our versatile hat, featuring UPF 50+ sun protection, a removable neck flap, breathable mesh, and stylish design options for activities ranging from fishing and hiking to gardening and beekeeping.

Product Features:
  • Full Protection: The removable neck flap offers UPF 50+ sun protection, safeguarding delicate skin on the neck, ears, and face from harmful rays. The mesh cover not only shields your face from the sun but also keeps pesky mosquitoes at bay. This hat is a must-have for various outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, travel, gardening, hunting, and is ideal for beekeepers and sports enthusiasts.
  • Experience ultimate comfort with the Elastic Strap: the adjustable circle hat buckle strap ensures a perfect fit for most adult head shapes. The breathable mesh on the hat provides excellent ventilation, wicking away sweat to keep your head cool during outdoor work. The wide brim effectively shields you from the sun, protecting your face from harmful UV rays.
  • Choose from Two Styles: The net cloth can be lowered to prevent mosquitoes or stylishly placed on the top of the hat's eaves for decoration. The windproof design, coupled with an adjustable chin strap, ensures that the hat stays securely in place even in windy conditions.

Stay protected, comfortable, and stylish with our multi-functional hat – your perfect companion for any outdoor adventure!

Material: Polyester + Mesh
Fixing Method: Drawstring Closure
Product Size: Head Circumference 20.8"
Had Brim Width: 3"
Mesh Length: 16.9"
Color: Grey, Black, Green, Fruit Green
Recommended Uses: Protections Against Mosquitoes & Other Airborn Pests
Included: Hat, Storage Bag
What outdoor activities is this hat suitable for?
Ideal for fishing, hiking, camping, travel, gardening, hunting, beekeeping, and sports enthusiasts—our mosquito net hat ensures protection, comfort, and style.

How does this hat provide full protection during outdoor activities?
UPF 50+ sun protection and a mesh cover keep harmful rays and mosquitoes at bay.

Is it adjustable for different head shapes?
Yes, an elastic strap with a circle buckle ensures a perfect fit.

How wide is the brim?
About 2.5".