AYAMAYA Lightweight Portable Kids Hammock with Straps Carabiners


If you like hammock camping and want to have fun with your kids, make a great memory with them, this AYAMAYA Kid Hammock is the perfect choice for you and your children. With this hammock, you can provide the best camping experience for them!


kid hammock

Key Features

  • Kids hammock is made of using the highest quality, durable, and breathable 210T nylon parachute material.
  • The Kid hammock is 84 inches length and 39 inches in width, designed for campers under 54" in height.
  • With anti-scratch aircraft alum grade holding over 1000Lbs carabiners and 9ft*2 hammock straps for your kids' safety.
  • It fits perfectly inside your kid's backpack super lightweight and pop-up easy for play. So your kids could carry the small hammock anywhere.

children hammock

The Best Kid-Friendly Hammock

  • These lightweight portable hammocks are ideal for any outdoor activity—the backyard, park, beach, a camping trip, whatever.
  • Since they’re easy to hang up and take back down, you can bring them along on a playdate or a friend’s BBQ.
  • If you’re a cool parent, you might even let your kid hang it in the house, their bedroom, or under their loft bed.
Main Material: 210T Parachute Nylon Fabric
Weight: 20 oz
Weight Capacity:441lbs
Product Size:84 x 39 inch
Package Size:6.3 x 3.9 x3.9 inch