AYAMAYA Prusik Climbing Utility Cord

AYAMAYA Prusik Climbing Utility Cord

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A Prusik is a versatile tool primarily used as a rope grab to achieve progress capture in various rope systems, particularly in Mechanical advantage systems. Simply put, it's a thin piece of cord or webbing tied into a loop, often secured with a double fisherman’s knot. When attached to a thicker rope, the Prusik ensures it won't slide down under pressure.

Why Carry a Prusik:
  • Backup for Rappelling: Think of the Prusik as your "third hand" during rappelling. Adding a Prusik backup enhances safety and simplifies dealing with stuck ropes, traversing, and gear cleaning.
  • Tandem Rappelling Safety: In the unfortunate event of an accident requiring tandem rappelling with your partner, a Prusik backup becomes invaluable for added security.
  • Ascending Assistance: Carrying a Prusik provides the ability to ascend a rope effortlessly when needed. Whether rappelling past an anchor in the dark or waiting for rescue, a Prusik offers a reliable solution.
  • Self-Rescue Scenarios: Prusiks form the foundation of numerous self-rescue techniques. Whether engaged in partner rescue or handling dedicated self-rescue situations, having a Prusik simplifies the process.

Equip yourself with the indispensable Prusik for a safer and more secure rope experience in various outdoor scenarios.

Material: Nylon
Certification: CE 1019 EN892
Length: 30" / 45"
Cord Diameter: 2" / 5"
Breaking Strength: 27 kN (approximately 6172 lbs.)
What is a Prusik primarily used for?
It's primarily used as a rope grab for progress capture in rope systems.

How is a Prusik typically secured?
It's tied into a loop, often secured with a double fisherman’s knot.

Why should you carry a Prusik during rappelling?
It serves as a backup, enhancing safety and simplifying rope management.

In what situation does a Prusik backup become invaluable during rappelling?
During tandem rappelling with a partner, providing added security.

What assistance does carrying a Prusik offer during rope ascension?
It allows for effortless rope ascension in various scenarios.

How does a Prusik contribute to self-rescue scenarios?
It forms the foundation of numerous self-rescue techniques, simplifying the process.