Trekking is such an excellent practice during leisure hours. Though some people do it for work, It is now standard practice for people to spend the weekend's infamous hiking trails. Knowing how to use the trekking poles is a milestone regardless of the purpose you intend to use them. Learning how to use the trekking poles is such an easy task. The following tips will guide you through the whole trekking process, and you will never have to make mistakes again when you set off for trekking.

Check the following tips for using the trekking poles. Every step has a brief elaboration so that you won't miss out on anything. The use of trekking poles is not limited to the ones that the article has elaborated on. There are other relevant functions that your trekking pole can do for you.

Alternating Your Poles and Legs

Trekking is interesting when you are in a crowd, but while you are alone, you may not find anyone to tell you how you will effectively enjoy that trek if you use the trekking pole for the first time. Though many people assume that it is an easy task, it may not be the case when you do it for the first time.

When hiking using the trekking poles, you should alternate your poles and legs lest you fall. It should be easy to learn this because your right leg will be moving simultaneously with the left trekking pole when using double trekking poles. Your trekking poles may fall in a position, and all you will do is raise them to reset them. Walking with trekking poles is entirely natural, and it should never worry you.

Double Planting

Person hiking across a snowy tundra with trekking poles

Double planting is best when you are climbing uphill. It may not be the best practice when you are hiking along a flat area. But once you are on a steep slope, You will notice that you will need to trek uphill. Double planting allows you to place both poles in a position while moving the whole body in front.

Walking Naturally

You don't have to change your walking style because of trekking poles. Learn to walk naturally while maintaining a natural arm swing. You can angle the poles slightly behind you to allow you to plant them behind you. You will then be pushing off to help in propelling a forward movement.

Navigating obstacles

There are many obstacles in a hiking trail. You will find stumps, large rocks, logs of trees, bushes, and many other obstacles that may be hard to walk through without the hiking poles. When you have the best hiking poles, it becomes easier to maneuver around such obstacles.

Hiking poles are good when you are crossing streams and rivers.

Man trekking across river in the mountains

Your hiking may require you to cross the stream and rivers. It may not be easy to jump without the trekking poles, especially when the water is spreading. You will position both poles at the position that will accord the perfect stability. Once you are sure that you have set your position well, you will then push the whole of your body with the support of the hiking poles. It is the best way to cross the river without wetting your shoes or falling in the water. In instances where the river is deep, you will need to lengthen the poles before positioning them in the water.

Helpful when crossing puddles

When you encounter puddles along the hiking trail, Your hiking poles will help you quickly reach out to the next position. There are things you can do to jump. First, your hiking poles can serve as a pole vault that will support you as you pull yourself to the other side of the puddle. You can plant both poles in a position to support you as you jump to the other side.

Large rocks

You won't miss large rocks on your journey. While this is part of the fun that you will wish to encounter when hiking, it may be a problem if you are in the last bit of your hike and tired. Climbing rocks is risky and can expose you to rock scratches, falling, or even accidents. When you have the hiking poles, you can use them to jump over the rocks. You plant both poles in a position it will then support you as you step on the rock. The poles will push you as you climb over the rock.

You can easily cross the Logs using trekking poles

Man balance on log with the help of trekking poles

Hiking poles are also helpful when you are stepping over the log. You will plant both poles in the ground and the support it gives for stability. You can quickly jump over the log when you have the trekking poles. In instances where you will need to walk along the log to cross a river, your trekking poles will help you increase the balance. You need to adjust the length of the poles if the water is steep. Trekking poles will protect you from losing balance while you are in the middle of the log. It also eases the motion process.

Using Poles with Your Tent

For users using lightweight tents and tarps, it may be necessary to have the trekking poles that will aid you in pitching the tent. If you have a lightweight tent for backpacking, ensure that you own the trekking poles that will be helpful when you need support for pitching your tent. The best options are the adjustable poles because they will allow you to fine-tune them until you arrive at the best setup that best suits you.


Learning how to use the trekking poles is a milestone. It has several benefits apart from offering you support and stability. It is a good idea to carry them along. Make sure that you are choosing the right type of trekking poles that will effectively discharge the duty while you are out there on a trek.

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