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Retractable Car Side Window Sun Shade

Sale price$12.99 USD

Are you having problem with finding high quality sun shades for car windows to block Harmful UV rays, Heat and Sun Glare? Our car window shades, your perfect choice!!

Product Features:
  • Offering Premium 97% UV Protection: Don't compromise safety or visibility when blocking unwanted UV rays. Our highly effective sun shades offer exceptional protection from ultraviolet sun rays while maintaining transparency for a full range of vision on the road. Shield your eyes from glare, preventing squinting that could divert your attention from the road. These shades are suitable for all kinds of cars, attaching easily to your car windows.
How To Install:
  1. Insert the two suckers with black plastic caps into the metal bar.
  2. Fix the two suckers securely onto the window.
  3. Insert the third sucker into the plastic ring on the other end.
  4. Pull out the sunshade to a designated position.
  5. Fix the third sucker firmly onto the window.
Before installation, ensure your car window is clean for optimal results.
Size: 15.74Γ—18.11 inch / 40x46 cm
Weight: 0.67lbs
Material: High tech polymer blind material
Color: Black
Fits Most Car WIndows?: Yes
Suction Cup: Yes
Push Button Lock: Yes
How does the UV protection offered by our car window shades strike a balance between safety and visibility?
By effectively blocking UV rays, these shades reduce glare, preventing squinting and distractions, making them the perfect choice for safety-conscious drivers.

Why is it essential to ensure the car window is clean before installation?
Ensuring your car window is clean before installation is crucial for optimal results, as a clean surface allows for a secure attachment and efficient performance of the shades.