AYAMAYA Winter Trapper Hat | Ushanka Russian Style Windproof Mask Trooper Hat




Classic Ushanka Hat

  • Comfortable and soft faux fur, 360 degree to keep your cheek and neck warm.
  • The fabric is incredibly soft and the faux fur lining keeps in the warmth without the need to kill innocent animals for their pelts.
  • All seams are well sewn and construction is quite sturdy.
  • 100% water resistant, windproof polyester outside shell makes cleaning the hat easy.


Effective Wind-Protection

  • The face mask connects to the hat either by the button snaps on either side of the hat or by using connecting the loop at the end of each side around your ears.Removable mask is easy to wash.
  • The removable face mask will keep your face protected from biting winds whether you work outdoors or enjoy winter sports.Removable mask is easy to wash.
  • An adjustable chin strap to keep it nice and snug while on your head.
  • High quality chin strap buckle design, it not only can be put on also can be put down at any time, very convenient and practical.


Stylish Leisure Wear

  • Trapper Hat doubles as a Russian-style leisure hat when the weather is less cold.
  • Tie back the ear flaps when not required for a different look and in warmer weather.
  • They can be tied back by pulling the adjustable chin straps over the head. The attractive dark faux fur lends a classic look that can be worn up or down.
  • Best fit for 21.5 inches to 24 inches head circumference, One size fits most.
  • Whether you are hunting in the woods, playing outdoors or heading out into town on a winter's evening, this hunting hat will provide you with the warmth that you need.