AYAMAYA Waterproof Reflective Backpack Rain Cover

AYAMAYA Waterproof Reflective Backpack Rain Cover

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Elevate your outdoor adventures with our Highly Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover, a dedicated shield designed to safeguard your backpack in any weather condition. Crafted from 190T Nylon Super Waterproof Material, this cover goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your backpack remains dry even in the heaviest rain. Suitable for 30L to 40L cycling backpacks, it efficiently repels water, shielding your belongings from rain, mud, and dust.

Product Features:
  • Enhanced Visibility for Added Security: The seamless construction of this rain cover provides weather-tight protection, reinforcing its durability. Its high visibility is further heightened by a fluorescent fabric and a special reflective strip on the front. Stand out in fog and darkness, adding an extra layer of security during nighttime activities like cycling.
  • Adjustable and Convenient Design: Enjoy a customized fit with the rain cover's humanized adjustable design. A long drawstring on the edge allows you to tailor the fit for various backpack sizes or luggage. The elastic buckle strap across the opening securely snaps, providing a snug fit around your pack.
  • Front-Facing Zip Pocket for Easy Access: For added convenience, our rain cover features a front-facing zipper pocket, allowing you to access your backpack's contents without removing the cover. Make your outdoor experiences worry-free with our feature-packed and user-friendly Backpack Rain Cover.

Equip yourself for all weather conditions and enhance your outdoor excursions with our Backpack Rain Cover. With superior waterproofing, enhanced visibility, and thoughtful design features like adjustable drawstrings and a front-facing zip pocket, this cover ensures your backpack stays dry and accessible. Make every adventure worry-free and enjoy the outdoors without compromising on protection.

Material: Waterproof 190T nylon
Capacity: 35L - 40L
Size: 21.6" x 13" x 8.74" (L x W x H)
Weight: 2.1 oz.
Recommended Uses: protect school bag, backpack, trolley bag, etc.
How does the Highly Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover enhance visibility?
The rain cover's fluorescent fabric and a special reflective strip on the front provide high visibility.

Is the cover adjustable?
The elastic buckle strap ensures a snug fit with a long drawstring on the edge to tailor it for various backpack sizes.

How does the backpack cover safeguard your belongings?
Crafted from 190T Nylon Super Waterproof Material, it repels water, mud, and dust, protecting all items inside.