AYAMAYA Hammock Underquilt 15 Degree for Single | Double Hammock

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If you are a hammock camper lover, perhaps you’ve contemplated sleeping overnight in outdoor.One often overlooked issue,is how you can stay warm when cold night air wafts across your backside.The answer is an underquilt, which is simply an insulated quilt designed to hang underneath your hammock.



1. Why hammock camping?

  • Because hammock camping offers a number of distinct advantages: More comfortable; say goodbye to sleeping on rocks, roots, mud, and sloping, uneven ground. Hammock camping allows you to rise above. Quick and easy set up; just wrap your tree straps around the tree, and tie in your hammock lines and you are ready to hang. No poles to mess with either. Lighter than a typical tent; no poles, less material, lighter weight, and your hammock can double as a swing seat when you’re not sleeping.
2. Is hammock camping comfortable?
  • Yes! While hammock camping can be fun, relaxing, more comfortable on your back and neck, versatile, convenient, and affordable, it also has its own drawbacks and considerations to keep in mind: You need to insulate. In warm temps, the air circulation provided by a hammock will keep you cooler than sleeping in a tent. However, conversely in cooler weather that same circulation will be cold on your back. That’s why proper gear is important.
3. How to stay warm hammock camping? 
  • The answer is an underquilt, which is simply an insulated quilt designed to hang underneath your hammock to prevent heat loss.
4. What is a hammock underquilt?
  • An underquilt is used as bottom insulation as a replacement for a sleeping pad. It consists of sleeping bag insulation that is suspended underneath the hammock where it can insulate the bottom of the hammock without being crushed under the occupant's body weight, and without shifting under you like a sleeping pad. It also wraps around you, insulating you on your sides up to your shoulders, not just along your back, unlike a sleeping pad which is often not wide enough.
5. AYAMAYA Hammock Underquilt Specification:
  • Material: 20D ripstop nylon, DWR coating, 300T polyester pongee lining
  • Operating temperature: 20°F - 68°F (-6℃ - 20℃)
  • Color: Olive Green
  • Size: L 98.4 x W 51.2 inch ( 250 x 130cm)
  • Storage size: Height 38cm Diameter19 cm/14.9 x 7.4 in
  • Fit snugly to all standard sized hammocks.
6. AYAMAYA Hammock Underquilt Features:
  • This hammock underquilt made of 20D Ripstop Nylon, 300T polyester pongee lining, 300g warm hollow cotton filling, extremely high quality, make you keep warm in winter camping or backpacking.
  • This hammock designed to fit snugly to all standard sized hammocks, keeping you warm and toasty in chilly temperatures, no Cold Butt Syndrome (CBS) anymore
  • This hammock underquilt is lightweight and it’s easy to set up and storage, with short bungee cord loops for an easy and cozy fix to your hammock, and a mesh sack and a nylon compression sack, folds up small for easy carry and efficient storage.
7. Kindly Note:
  1. Please measure your hammock before purchasing.
  2. Size may be 1-5mm inaccuracy due to hand measure.
  3. Package includes: 1x Hammock underquilt, 2x locks, 1x Nylon compression sack
Hammock Underquilt
Operating temperature:20°F - 68°F (-6℃ - 20℃)
Material:20D ripstop nylon, DWR coating, 300T polyester pongee lining
Color: Orange
Sleeping bag size:L98.4inch(250cm)*W51.2inch(130cm)
Storage size:Height 35cm Diameter 21cm/13.8 x 8.3 in
Package includes: 1x Hammock underquilt, 2x Padlocks, 1x Nylon compression sack