AYAMAYA Mosquito Suit Bug Jacket with Hood for Men Women


Bugs are really annoying when you are outdoors. This Bug net suit can protect you from mosquitos while you farming, hiking in the jungle and fishing by the river.It covers every skin of your body, made from lightweight see-through No-See-Um mesh, also easy to put on and take off.


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AYAMAYA Mosquito Head Net Hat

AYAMAYA Mosquito Head Net Hat


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Mosquito Suit

  • A mosquito net offers protection against mosquitos, flies, and other insects, and thus against the diseases they may carry.
  • Research has shown mosquito nets to be an extremely effective method of malaria prevention, averting approximately 451 million cases of malaria over the period 2000–2018.
  • Love outdoor activities and want to enjoy the nature but annoyed about the mosquito? Then our bug netting suit is the best desicion for you.
mosquito net


Mosquito Insect/Bug Suits

Free Carry Pouch

  • Bug repellent jacket comes with a small bag. Easy to store in your backpack, and have an convenient outdoor experience.

Full Set Bug Repellent Suit

  • 2 different sizes are provided for height 63”-74.8”. Mosquito netting repellent clothing equipped with jacket, mitts, pants and socks.
  • A perfect protection system for your outdoor activities. Keeping your whole body away from pesky insects.

Mosquito Insect/Bug Suits

Perfect Protection

  • Designed to shield whole body, bug clothing provides protection from bugs like mosquitoes, midges, gnats and flies. 
  • Perfect for hiking, camping, yard work and any other time that you're outdoors.
Package Include:1 x Jacket 
1 x Pants 
1 x Pair of mitts
1 x Pair of socks 
1x Storage Bag