★What is the most useful gadget/tool you use when hiking, camping, or backpacking?

A knife. In an emergency, you can fashion almost everything you need from the nature around you (if you know how). A knife can also be used as an eating utensil, a flat-head screwdriver, and more. A good knife is one of the man-made tools that’s really indispensable in the wilderness.At same time, AYAMAYA EDC Pocket Knife Sharpener is essential...


★How to use hydraulic automatic tent?

1.Hydraulic automatic system, make it easy to install and package, fast set up in seconds.

2.Simply lift up the top of the tent and it will automatic stand up, then press the red expansion button, setup tent almost done.

3.Press the red button to pull back the pole, tent will automatically folding.


★How long you can get your product in the United States?

1.If you purchase from us,we will deal with orders at 2-3 business days (on the weekdays - Monday to Friday).

2.We ship by UPS or USPS from our warehouse.After dispatch, tracking number will be available. It usually takes about 5^7 days to get to your address! (Delivery to WA and remote regional areas can take longer)

3.If you do not receive your item on time, please contact us immediately for further assistance. Thank you for your understanding.


★How to fold a two walled waterproof pop up camping tent

If you purchase a two walled waterproof pop up camping tent but won't fold.You can click on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qywOvL_EDNw


★Why the double Layer pop up tent can have 4-6 persons in it? How Large is it?


If you own ayamaya pop up double hammock, but don't know how to fold it?

Don't worry! We are always here for whatever you may need.Step is as follows:


★What are some tips for freestyle camping with a hammock?

1.Read up and understand how to avoid animal pests by storing food/toiletries in the proper receptacle or by hanging in a tree.

2.And hopefully there will be trees around, which is  biggest tip for hammock camping - you need to do it where there are trees large enough and dense enough to be the right distance apart and support your weight.

3.Also,hammock having a bug net and rain tarp are great for comfort.

The upside is you don’t need a flat surface for a tent. The downside is you can’t go up above the treeline to spend a night in an alpine setting under the stars.