K2 Quad Pad Dimensions
The webbing design at the four corners can be fixed to the ground with stakes.
Quad Pad Perfect For Multiple Occasions
Easily packs it into your camping gear or backpack.
K2 Quad Pad

K2 Quad Pad

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Extra Large Foam Sleeping Pad for AYAMAYA 6 Person Pop Up Tents, 91.3" x 73.6" Extra Thick Camping Mat Keeps you Warm & Day, Lightweight & Soft Tent Footprint Inner Mat for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking.

Upgraded Thick Tent Inner Mat: The thickened camping mat is designed to provide added comfort and insulation inside your tent. The 21D thick foam construction ensures you can stay warm and dry, while also keeping you away from uneven ground surfaces.

Durable & Waterproof: The bottom layer of the sleeping pad is made of waterproof PE, it provides a protective barrier that can effectively prevent any moisture from seeping through to your tent, keeps the interior of the tent dry and ensures you stay warm and comfortable even in wet conditions.

Lightweight & Portable: The folded dimensions of the tent mat is 25x9x7.8 inch and weigh only 3lbs, making it highly portable. This convenient size and lightweight design allow you to easily pack it into your camping gear or backpack without adding much bulk or weight.

The Multi-Purpose: The tent footprint's versatile design allows for various applications. With its large size, it can serve multiple purposes, functioning as a sleeping mat or used as a general ground mat outside the tent.
Material: 190T Polyester Cloth
Bottom Material: Waterproof PE
Filling Material: 21D Thick Foam
Product Size: 91.3 x 73.6 inches (L x W)
Storage Size: 25 x 9 x 7.8 inches (L x W x H)
Product Net Weight: 3 lbs.
What are the key features of the K2 Quad Sleeping Pad?
  • Insulation: Look for features related to insulation, as some sleeping pads are designed for different temperature ranges.
  • Material: Consider the material used in the construction of the sleeping pad, which may affect its durability and comfort.
  • Size and Thickness: The dimensions and thickness of the sleeping pad can impact comfort and insulation.
How compact is the K2 Quad Sleeping Pad when folded?
The compactness of a sleeping pad when folded will depend on its design and materials. Many sleeping pads are designed to be compact for easy storage and transportation, often coming with carrying bags or straps.

Is the K2 Quad Sleeping Pad suitable for all seasons?
The suitability of a sleeping pad for all seasons depends on its insulation properties. Some sleeping pads are specifically designed for use in certain temperature ranges or seasons. Look for information on the product specifications or contact the manufacturer to determine if the K2 Quad Sleeping Pad is suitable for all seasons.

Can I use the K2 Quad Sleeping Pad on rough terrain?
Yes, you can use the Quadpad on different terrains, however it is recommended you use it on flat ground. The ability to use a sleeping pad on rough terrain depends on its construction and durability. Some sleeping pads are designed to withstand rougher conditions and uneven surfaces.