AYAMAYA EDC Brass Pill Case Waterproof | 2 Pack


The brass pill case is a high precision screw joint, fully waterproof and airtight. You can carry your daily medicine in this compact pill case. It's perfect to store pills, tablets, vitamins, capsules. So you can never forget to take them or you can have them in case of an emergency.


Brass Pill Case

Why Choose Brass Rather Than Pure Copper?

  • Brass is a metal alloy made of copper and zinc. Contain 60-70% of copper. Pure copper has soft texure. As the part of zinc, brass is more stronger than pure copper. So it is more durable than pure copper.
  • Brass is also used for decoration for its bright gold-like appearance.

Is Brass Pill Case Safe to Store Medicine?

  • Brass is a alloy metal which can kill harmful and deadly germs. As long as clean before use, it will not contaminate medicine.

Brass Pill Case

100% Waterproof with Rubber O-ring

  • Finely milled threads give it the smoothest open and close. With o-ring on the threads, make it 100% waterproof. keep things always dry and tidy.
  • So precisely constructed you can even scuba dive with it.
  • Pill case surface is well polished and acid pickled to protect it from scratching and oxidation.
  • Rubber O-ring design to keep medications airtight and moisture-free.And we offer 3 spare o-rings as gifted.

Brass Pill Case

Pocket Style & Easy to Carry

  • Pocket size and light weight for daily use.
  • Pill case itself with a hanging key-ring. For an easy attachment to your keychain or hang it as a necklace.
  • Easy to take with you everywhere, so you never forget your pills

Brass Pill Case

Multifunctional Every Day Carry Enssential Tool
  • Carry your daily medicine in this compact pill box case. Perfect to store pills, tablets, vitamins, capsules. So you never forget your pills.
  • Suitable for pills with diameters less than 14mm,Perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor life-saving and other outdoor activities
Material:Solid H62 Brass
Total Size:65mm x 12mm/2.55" x 0.47" (HxD)
Thickness: 0.04" inch
Weight:0.92 oz/(26 g)
Package include: 2*Brass Pill Case with 1*o-rings
6*Spare o-rings