AYAMAYA EDC Titanium Toothpicks with Case Holder | Reusable Non-toxic




Reading Before

  • Have you ever faced the embarrassing time when the restaurant does not offer toothpicks?
  • Or when you needed a toothpick after dinner but there you can not find one? Are these make you uncomfortable?
  • Now with our portable pocket EDC toothpick you will never occur the trouble above.
  • It is cool to show out your personal reusable toothpick when others is still using their bamboo toothpick which may break while using.

Why choose titanium ma material 

  • Titanium is almost the only thing in the world completely good to human body, it is the top materials that able to adapt to the harsh conditions of outer space, but also can be safely implanted in the body become a part of the body of medical equipment timber.
  • As the titanium is good and perfect compatible with the human bod and blood, it is widely adopted in the medical for making human apparatus. Besides, Titanium belongs to non-magnetism metal, it will not be magnetized.
  • Titanium is free from rust. Heat & Low temperature resistance; Stronger than steel; Good heat transfer performance.

EDC Toothpick

Titanium Toothpick Holder  Features

  • Diameter reaches 2.5mm/0.1", peak 0.3mm/0.01" (the most suitable size for teeth picking).
  • Toothpick holder is equipped with a sealing rubber ring, enhance the waterproof and the moisture resistance.
  • The end of toothpick is embossed design. In the process of use, it is not caused by hand slip that causes the gum to be stabbed.
  • Drop the wooden toothpicks and never face the situation that it is broken when picking teeth. Warm gift for yourself and the ones you love.
  • Useful for the everyday carry essential, be able to use your personal toothpick whenever or wherever you need.

Titanium Toothpick

Potable Pocket Style

  • Portable style, with mini key ring, can also hang it on keychain or bag, put in purse,pocket or anywhere you like.
  • Can contain 5-6 wood toothpicks or 3 titanium toothpicks or something else suitable.

Wide Use EDC Toothpick Holder

  • Two-ended screw fixing design, not only a pocket toothpick but can also be extended as EDC tool.
  • It can also be used for open box, make holes or marks on less hard things like wood.
  • Nice for backpacking, camping, hiking, picnic,travel etc, cool gift.
Material: Titanium
Toothpick Holder Length: 88mm/3.47inch
Toothpick Holder Weight:16.7g
Toothpick Weight: 15g
Toothpick Length:66mm/2.57inch
Package Include:1*Titanium Toothpick
1*Titanium Toothpick Holder