Rubber Tips for Walking Sticks | Ski Pole Basket Snow Mud Powder Sand Stop Baskets | 6 Pairs



rubber tips for trekking poles

Common Rubber Tip

  • Use for regular walking and hiking.
  • Reduce strain on knees and keep balance.

Large Paw Shape Rubber Tip

  • Provide more grip for power walking.
  • Has maximum durability for stiffer tips.

Sheep Hoof Shape Rubber Tip

  • The Angle of tilt is more conducive to road walking.
  • Reduce strain on knees and keep balance.

ski pole basket snow mud baskets

Hiking Poles Boot Tips

  • More wear resistance. Extra cushion than normal rubber tips, suitable for a harsh rocky road.

Trekking Poles Mud Stop Baskets

  • Suitable for mud and sand situations.
  • Prevent the trekking pole from sinking into the soft ground.

Ski Poles Snow Baskets

  • With large contact area to give additional support
  • Avoid walking sticks deep into snow or mud.