AYAMAYA Waterproof Hiking Gaiters | Kids


These waterproof hiking gaiters can protect your kids from snow, dirt, mosquito, wind, debris, rock, rain and mud. They take up minimal space but save you from wet socks, painful cuts and scratches, insect bites, and more. It's the best choice for your hiking and backpacking trip.


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AYAMAYA Waterproof Hiking Gaiters | Kids

AYAMAYA Waterproof Hiking Gaiters | Kids

AYAMAYA Waterproof Reflective Backpack Rain Cover

AYAMAYA Waterproof Reflective Backpack Rain Cover

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Waterproof Hiking Gaiters

Why your child might need some gaiters?

  • You might not need to get gaiters. We did without them for years. However, there were times when we ended up with wet feet despite some good gear. Since getting gaiters they’ve proved themselves extremely useful.
  • Gaiters wrap around their calf and protect the lower leg and the top of their walking boot.
  • As rain pours down their coat it drips onto their trousers. Since you got them waterproof trousers, that’s no big deal, but the rain then runs down their trousers and into the top part of their walking boots – which is always less waterproof than the bottom.
  • Gaiters help the water flow away from the top of the boot and where the laces are, keeping your kid’s feet dry.

Waterproof Hiking Gaiters

Adjustable Strap Buckle & Instep Strap
Top and buttom adjustable buckle helps hunting gaiters hug your legs more firmly and you wont be worry about the gators will slip down or off even if the gaiters becomes a little loose after use.
Wide Magic Tape
Snow gaiters with a wide magic tape. Convenient front opening for easy put on and take off.The end of the magic tape with a metal buckle to stick the magic tape quickly.
Shoelace Hook
Nice slim boot gaiters fit nicely over your pants and attached to your shoes firmly by the hooks.
Waterproof Material
Made of high quality double layer durable, breathable nylon fabric.To protect your boots and trousers from snow, dirt, mosquito, wind, debris, rock, rain, water and mud.
Waterproof & Anti-Rust Zipper
Opening the Waterproof zipper which offers quick on/off, it becomes a breathable window for your leg; Closing the zipper , it turns to be a pocket.


How to Use?

  • 1.Adjust and close the magic tape on front opening
  • 2.Attach the lace-hook on shoelaces
  • 3.Put the bottom strap into your instep,fasten the buckle to secure your boot
  • 4.Adjust and tighten the top strap to fit your leg
Weight: 5.3 ounces
Package includes:1× Leg Gaiter