AYAMAYA Climbing Utility Cord | 27kn 10.5 mm

$14.99 – $19.99

This Prusik cord mainly for emergency use, as they are lighter than other options. Prusiks are fast to place on a rope, and with practice can be placed with one hand. The loops of the cord can be used as slings, and are thus multi-functional in a climbing environment.

30 inch30 inch

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Climbing Utility Cord

What is a Prusik?

Prusik is mainly used as a rope grab to attain progress capture in a rope system, normally a Mechanical advantage system. A Prusik is simply a thin piece of chord or webbing tied into a loop normally with a double fisherman’s knot. The Prusik is then tied onto the thicker rope in such a way that it will not slide down the rope when loaded by pressure.

Climbing Utility Cord

Climbing Utility Cord

Climbing Utility Cord

Why you should always carry a prusik?

  • As a backup for rappelling : Carry a Prusik is to use it as a “third hand”. Adding a Prusik backup while rappelling makes dealing with stuck ropes, traversing, cleaning gear,much safer and easier.
  • When tandem rappelling in the event of an accident: In the event of an accident where you must tandem rappel with your partner, having a Prusik backup is invaluable.
  • For assistance in ascending a rope: Carrying a Prusik gives one the ability to easily ascend a rope should they need to. Rappelling past an anchor in the dark and floundering on the end of the rope until a rescue arrives
  • For use in self-rescue scenarios:Prusiks are the foundation of almost all self-rescue techniques. Whether you are involved in partner rescue, having a dedicated Prusik will ease the process.

Climbing Utility Cord

Length:30 inches / 45 inches ( the length of loop when flat pull )
Diameter: 10.5mm / 2/5 inches
Strength: 27kN / 6172lb
Construction:  Double Braid
Certificate: CE 1019 EN892