Different types of sleeping bags for camping
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Different types of sleeping bags for camping

Camping is always fun when you are accompanied by your best friends and also equipped with the best camping gear. Thus, a sleeping bag is one of the essential gear required for a great camping experience. It is because having a perfect sleep at night in camping allows you to awake refreshed. It will help in enjoying you the following day activities with re-energized strength. Therefore, it is imperative to choose an ideal sleeping bag for camping.

A few points to know before choosing a perfect sleeping bag

  • The sleeping bags should be in accordance with the camping, such as car camping, tent camping, hiking, adventure camping or so.
  • The sleeping bags should be characterized in accordance with their materials, shape, suggested temperature range, and size.
  • Take time to identify the right one, which meets your camping needs.
  • Don't go for anything cheap, so that to save the cost of camping. Save on other things, but don't compromise with your comfort and safety at camp.

You will find a vast range of sleeping bags which are classified in terms of its material, shape, size, gender, insulation, temperature/season rating to different types of comfort rating. 

Therefore, let's discuss the type's one on one:

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Sleeping bags in accordance with different Insulation Material

The widely used insulation materials for sleeping bags found today are down filed or synthetic, as they provide comfort and safety. Other than this, you will also find the wool- filled as well as cotton bags too.


Down-filled camping cots are warm, sturdy, comfortable, and costly. It is usually the choice of the mountaineers and adventure campers who wants to carry the lightweight bags and also provide ideal comfort and warmth too. The insulating properties of down-filled are severely constrained when wet. Once the down is moist, it will take an extended effort to dry out.


The other type is synthetic, which is made up of polyester filaments and works in the same manner as down but a little heavier and less compressible. Therefore, it is not an appealing option for those campers who want to keep their gears light and small. But on the positive side, the synthetic sleeping bag maintains its insulation even when it's wet. It is a significant plus point for some mountaineers and campers.


Cotton is the least expensive among all other types. This sort of pack is convenient to have at home for sleepovers and foe unexpected visitors. Just like the down type, it is futile when wet. A cotton camping sleeping bag is quite bulky too. Thus, it is not an ideal choice to pick for camping.


Wool sleeping bags are exceptionally substantial and massive. They are also quite expensive than the other types and insulates well, even if it's wet. 

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Sleeping bags classified in accordance with different shapes

Mummy sleeping bag

As the name recommends, Mummy sleeping bags are molded like Egyptian mummy cases. They are more extensive at the shoulder and smaller at the feet. Since there is generally a little zone of void space in such a sack, it heats up rapidly and remains warm. It has a connected hood to counteract heat loss from the head. They can go from single-season go through right to thick undertaking camping cots, intended for use in below zero degree temperatures.

Rectangular sleeping bag

Rectangular sleeping bags are a little more substantial and bulkier than mummy sacks, however comfortable and spacious too. The most widely recognized kind of sleeping bag, rectangular sacks are extensive and symmetrical in shape, which makes it simpler to move up than the other shapes. Since they don't form to your body and don't have an overhead hood, rectangular bags aren't the warmest one. They are ideal for the summer or 3 season rating bags. 

Barrel sleeping bag 

These are additionally called semi-rectangular packs. They are marginally tapered in shape, however not as much as a mummy pack. Most of the barrel type sleeping bags have no hood. They are the best combination of rectangular and mummy sleeping bags as they are lighter and warmer than rectangular ones and having more space than the mummy sleeping bag.

Double sleeping bag

The double sleeping bag is also known as the two-person bag, as the name suggests, it is the type of sleeping bag which is intended to fit two grown-ups inside comfortably. The double-wide bags are ample enough to fit two adults serenely and are regularly more extensive forms of a rectangular pack. However, you may also find the double version of barrel-shaped and mummy-shaped bags too.

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Sleeping bag in accordance to season or temperature rating

The temperature rating of your sleeping bag is the most critical perspective to consider before you invest in it. Some sleeping bags have been made for use in warm areas, while others are intended to be utilized in colder zones. 


Summer sleeping bags are ideal for camping in the hot temperature. Summer hiking bags are commonly lighter and made with less material. Typically, they'll be rectangular, semi-rectangular, or double-wide; you will not find the mummy-shaped sleeping bag  for summers. But you also have to check the night temperature in summers during your camping as if it may fall, then you have found something extra or more than summer bag.


3-Season sleeping bags have low-end Comfort Temperatures extending from 10°F-35°F. These camping sleeping bags can be any shape and any protection. They are ideal sleeping bags that work for you in any type of camping at any season other than the freezing one.


Winter sleeping bags have low-end Comfort Temperature underneath 10°F, and some go route beneath solidifying. These camping cots will quite often be mummy hiking sleeping bags since that shape gives better protection. They'll additionally be down camping sleeping bags because down provides better security. But that doesn't mean that only down-filled bags will work in winters. As you may also find the synthetic insulation bags to be used in extreme cold, but the only disadvantage with them is that they are really heavy.


While both winter and 4-season sleeping bag can be utilized in extremely cold conditions, winter sleeping bags are not planned for use in hotter conditions. At the point when the evening time temperatures ascend to 50°F, you would prefer not to utilize a winter camping cot; it'll feel like a sauna. However, a 4-season sleeping bag can change over, for the most part, since it has a full-length zipper, removable baffles, and more.

Refer the sleeping bags to use as per the different temperatures:


Temperature Range

One season

From 40° F (5° C) and higher

Two season

From 32 to 40° F (0 to 5° C)

Three season

From 23 to 32° F (0 to -5° C)

Three+ season

From 14 to 23° F (-5 to -10°C)

Four season

From 5 to 14° F (-10 to -15°C)

Five season

From -40 to 5° F (-15 to -40°C) and lower

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Gender or age-specific sleeping bags

Women's sleeping bags

A woman feels colder than men. Thus, if you are looking for a sleeping bag for women for camping, then it should be more women-specific. Along these lines, when you purchase a sleeping bag implied for a lady, it is critical to consider the size of the bag. The essential thing is to look out for the bag, which should be shaped like a women's body. The bag should be more extensive at the hips and smaller at the shoulders. Also, the pack should fit the size of the lady as fitting sacks ensures the warmth to the women's. 

Kids' sleeping bags 

The best camping sleeping bags for youngsters ought to be light in weight. The kid's sleeping bags should also be compact and easy to pack or carry by the kids too. Thus, when purchasing a kid's sleeping bag, consider getting one with an internal sleeve at the base of the hiking sleeping bag. The reason for the sleeve is to hold the resting cushion of the sack in this manner, guaranteeing that your kid remains unblemished clinched the whole night. 

Men's sleeping bags

As we just have discussed that, women need more warmth than men than in the same manner, the men sleeping bags can be chosen as per the season or temperature ratings. Ladies have distinctive physiological highlights when contrasted with hiking sleeping bags focused on men. Thus, women's sleeping bags should be hotter than men's bags. Opt for the bags which have more insulation so that to provide more warmth. And offer heat and comfort to the head and feet. The men's sleeping bags have, to a greater extent, a rectangular or "standard" shape.


Here, we have discussed almost everything required to select the perfect sleeping bag for your camping, hiking adventure. This article aims to help people who are going to buy a sleeping bag to make the right decision.

To begin with, figure out who will utilize the sack – is it a grown-up man, a lady, or a kid. At that point, consider in which conditions it will be used as on camping, or civilized camping with your family or will you climb in the mountains alone or with friends. 

You can also buy the multiple bags if you are an often camper who goes out for an adventure camping in various seasons or climates. Therefore, like any other purchase, it should be wise enough if you go through the pros and cons of each type of sleeping bag to identify the best which suits your camping needs. It is because good quality and ideal sleeping bag can serve you for many years.