Choosing The Best Sleeping Bag For Camping
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Choosing The Best Sleeping Bag For Camping


What comes into your mind when you read about camping and backpacking? Everyone is aware of the beneficial advantages that come with the right gear of the tents and the sleeping bags! They are the best accessories for those who aspire to have an amusing slumber while in the woods. Every camping activity needs the right kind of camping tools that will, in turn, deliver good times while in the woods.

To choose the best sleeping bag, you need to accurately define the outdoor activities that you are going to engage in while in the woods. The seasons are also critical since it will act as the leading guide while choosing a sleeping bag. The sleeping bags also come in various varieties and shapes. You also need to select the way that will befit your needs. Since you will be carrying the sleeping bag along as you engage in your activities in the woods, ensure that the choice that you have is a lightweight sleeping bag! It accords the convenience as you carry along with your actions. Other essential factors while choosing the best sleeping bag are the insulation type of choice that you will pick for camping activities!

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Let's get the real facts here in this article about how to choose the best sleeping bag for camping!

Is a sleeping bag similar to a backpacking bag?

They are not similar. The sleeping bag is larger than the backpacking bag. It's important to note that there is a backpacking sleeping bag that is lightweight material. You need to choose this kind of a sleeping bag if you are an interested inconvenience. Backpacking bags differ from camping bags in many ways. Backpacking bags are lightweight, and they also pack down smaller. The backpacking bags are also more efficient, and the warmth that they provide is also very significant.

Temperature ratings of the sleeping bags

The sleeping bags do not have a standard temperature rating, especially in the US. It's the reason why the experiences of those who use sleeping bags do vary. This variation has made the manufacturers come up with a standard temperature rating called the EN ratings. The euro rating is based on what the sleeper do wears and also the use of a closed-cell foam sleeping pad. 

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The labs that certify the temperature ratings of the bags have managed to generate three specific grades that reflect the experiences of the majority of the campers.

  •  Upper limit

The upper limit represents the highest air temperature, where it befits men. An average man may comfortably sleep under this upper limit temperature ratings.

  • Comfort

It is a temperature that befits an ordinary woman. It's the lowest temperature that will allow an average woman to sleep comfortably.

  • Lower limit.

The lower limit temperature rating is the lowest temperature where an average man can have a comfortable sleep with no interference.

Notably, the seasons and the conditions of a place that you will wish to have your camping activities will determine the sleeping bag that you will choose. Pick a sleeping bag that will accord you with the comfort you need. A sleeping bag with a lower temperature rating is the best for hot places. If your sleeping bag is for colder months, then consider the sleeping bags that can handle more moderate temperatures. Three seasons will be useful when determining the kind of sleeping bag to be chosen. The summer seasons have temperatures ranging from 30 degrees Celsius and above. In the summer, you should pick a sleeping bag that is lightweight ad design to withstand the high temperatures.

The seasons that have temperature ranges from +15 degree Celsius to +30 degree Celsius needs a better sleeping bag. It means that you may need a multipurpose sleeping bag that will work for both the hot and cold conditions. Ensure that the choice has the unzipping buttons for the moderation of the temperatures while sleeping.

For the winter seasons, where temperatures go below +15 degrees Celsius, you will be forced to get a 0-degree sleeping bag! The 0-degree sleeping bag has better specifications that will ensure that you get sufficient warmth's even under the cold conditions.

The shape of the sleeping bag

Every camper considers comfort while choosing the way of the sleeping bag. One of the leading choices is the rectangular shape sleeping bag. Notably, humans are naturally square, and that explains the reason why rectangular sleeping bags are the leading choices. To get the best option, you will need to visit a sleeping bag storage so that you can choose the best that will fit your needs. The best sleeping bag should be roomy, and to confirm this, you will need to zip yourself inside the backpack.

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The standard shapes of sleeping bags are;


Mummy sleeping bags are meant to give you warmth in a freezing condition. Mummy sleeping bags have the shapes contoured to the body. The foot box is highly tapered, and it also has a leg area. The mummy sleeping bags will always keep you warm and cozy and also has a lighter weight making it an option against the rest.

Mummy sleeping bags have emerged to be the best kinds of sleeping bags. Mummy sleeping bags can boost the warmth and also cut down the weights hence enhancing the convenience with it. This fantastic sleeping bag has a snug style and will allow you to roll over with your bag rather than rolling inside of it.


The rectangular sleeping bag is considered the most traditional sleeping bag. It excels when it comes to space and will provide sufficient space. Space will enhance comfort during the nighttime with efficient turning and wriggling. They don't excel so much when it comes to insulation and also lacks the hood; hence, they can’t keep warm air.

A rectangular sleeping bag will allow plenty of room and hence enhancing maximum comfort. Your hands and legs will have sufficient space to stretch; it can be unzipped entirely, therefore, making it sometimes to act as the comforter.

Modified mummy

A modified mummy sleeping bag is sometimes referred to as the semi-rectangular sleeping bag. Sometimes they called it a barrel since it covers a variety of shapes, which all offer a compromise between the warmth that you need for comfort and also the roominess.

Double bags

Double sleeping bags are better options for couples. They are designed to accommodate two people. Hence it will befit the couples who are on the camping activities. There are rectangular types that cane zipped together. This fantastic sleeping bags are of the same brands and models and will offer the convenience, comfort, and roominess for the couples sleeping together.

Smaller sleeping bags for the kids are also available. They are known as the kid-size sleeping bags. They are shorter, more modest, and also has an affordable price tag. They are designed for kids or younger people.

Sleeping bag insulation

There are two major types of insulation for sleeping bags. There are those insulated with a down fill while with synthetic plenty.

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Synthetic insulation

Synthetic insulation is the standard type of insulation fill that will accord you with many benefits. The synthetic fill, is foremost, the affordable kind that will work even under the stringent budgets. It can also insulate even when damp. It's also health-friendly since it is non-allergenic and will dry faster. It makes it a better choice of a sleeping bag.

Down insulation

Down insulation is a lightweight option that ensures that you enjoy the convenience while using. This fantastic sleeping bag insulation will perform well in cold and dry weather, therefore, making it the best option of its kind. The down insulation also has a water-resistant treatment that will be useful in protecting it in damp conditions. The down isolation is also compressible hence reducing the space for storage. You will also admire the durability features that this fantastic sleeping bag does possess!

What other features do sleeping bags have?

Sleeping bags have other quality features such as;

Sleeping bag hood

The sleeping bag hood is a fantastic feature that will add to the warmth of the sleeping bag. A snug-fitting hood will make your sleeping bag to warmer, and it's even possible to get a sleeping bag with lower temperature ratings.

Sleeping bag shells

 Most sleeping bags have an outer fabric shell that has a durable polyester or even nylon. It has a durable water-repellant finish hence protecting the insulation inside the cartridge from the dampness. Inside the sleeping bag is a soft and warm textured material that is designed to accord that fantastic comfort.

Zipper features

Zippers are fantastic features that will make it possible to adjust ventilation. A sleeping bag with more than one zipper ensures that there is convenience while improving the ventilation. Some of the sleeping bags prevent the zipper snagging by shielding the zipper while others have the cover to cover the zipper itself.

A pocket

Notably, our small accessories such as the watch or even a lip balm need someplace to keep! A stash pocket is essential for this purpose, and that's why you will find this feature in other sleeping bags.

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The accessories in the sleeping bag

There are three smart accessories that a sleeping bag possesses. They include

Sleeping bag liner

The sleeping bag liner is a fantastic accessory that helps keep the sleeping bag clean. Therefore, it adds some extra warmth that makes the sleeping bag a better choice for purposes of camping.

Stuff sack

It is meant to safeguard the space while storing the sleeping bag. It's crucial while the camping activity is underway. You will have to keep it in a stuff sack to safeguard the little space that you have in your car.

Storage sack

It is meant for long term storage. Your sleeping bag needs a place to be kept after a night. Sleeping bags do have a storage sack that is intended to keep it safely, especially after the camping activities, as you wait for the next season for camping.

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Sleeping bags and the backpacking bags are fantastic companions when it comes to any form of camping activity! It's a requirement that will accord comfort in the event of camping. The existing large varieties have made the choices to be wide hence befitting any weather condition. Ensure that you check through this guide for a better selection of a sleeping bag that will befit your needs.