How To Choose Between Tent Camping And Hammock Camping?

How To Choose Between Tent Camping And Hammock Camping?

How do you usually spend your holidays? Camping is definitely a good choice for most people. However, do you know how to choose between tent camping and hammock camping? Let’s take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages between them!

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If you’re a family, I may suggest you to choose the tent camping. Since the children like to go in and out, family tent will be more convenient and safe for them. You can also choose one with the Vestibule for your pets. If you go with several friends, family tent is still the better choice. Because it can provide you a place to play any kind of games, such as: Werewolves of Miller's Hollow. If you’re couples, you need to try the hammock camping, you can’t image how romantic it will be.

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Speed of Setup

Most people think that camping hammocks are quicker to set up. However, I need to say: it depends on what kind of camping tents you’re choosing. Setting up a tent usually needs much more time than a hammock. However, if you choose the instant pop up tent, it can be set up within 1 minute. If you count the time of choosing the place, there will be another answer. You need to look for a flat ground with few rocks, roots and other things which can be easily cleaned. However, for the camping hammock, what you need are just trees.

Speed of Setup

Weight and Size

Camping Hammock is obviously more lightweight and space saving. Camping hammocks made of parachute can still weigh less than 3lbs including the removable rain fly and mosquito netting. And the great thing about camping hammocks is that you can break them into individual components and only take the parts you need. It can be easily packed down to the size of a softball. Another wonderful thing is that, you can also forget the pillow and sleeping pad you would have brought in order to sleep comfortably in the camping tent.

Weight and Size

Camping Place

For casual camping trips to the park, camping hammocks are just so much better than camping tents. You’ll never have trouble finding somewhere to sleep in even the most cramped of camping sites. And heavily wooded areas lend themselves well to hammock camping. While tent dwellers are struggling with the aforementioned roots and rocks, you’ll be chilling a few feet above the ground in style and comfort. For beach camping, you may need to be miles away from the shore, trying to find a half-decent tree by the roadside.  So tents are way better.

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Nature and Comfort

Camping hammock offers you a chance to say goodbye to sleeping on rocks, roots, mud, bugs, and sloping, uneven ground. Hammock camping allows you to rise above it all. And if your goal with camping is to get as much nature and fresh air as you can, sleeping in a hammock is the way to go. You’ll rock to gentle breezes, fall asleep while watching the stars, and open your eyes to the sky. If the forecast calls for rain, or you’d like to sleep past sunrise, just put a rain tarp over your hammock.

Nature and Comfort

Camping Season

Camping hammocks usually can be used for 3 seasons. You can choose different hammocks and accessories for different seasons. In warm temps, you can use the rain fly over the hammock to reflect heat and proof the rain as well. If the temperature starts to go down, you can choose the hammock underquilt. But in colder weather, tent may be the better choice, since tent camping offers an advantage in that the ground acts as insulation, returning the heat you give off. With the additional sleeping bag and pad, you will sleep warmer.

Camping Season

Hammock Camping:



Great for backpackers, it’s light weight and space saving.

Need to take extra rain fly for the rain or sun.

Sleep away from the rocks will reduce the back pain.

Can’t be a totally shelter, so may be less privacy.

Good air circulation, will get more fresher air from the nature.

These only work in tree heavy areas with strong trees

Better Night View, you won’t miss the beautiful night view of the sky

Small capacity, usually designed for 1 or 2 people.

Easy to find the area to set up, only need 2 trees.

Can't turn over freely, may need to sleep in position all night.

Quickly set up, you will only need about 5 mins to set up.

Heat loss can be a major issue especially in cold weather.

No worries to get wet from the ground water while raining.

Not stable on the windy or heavily rainy days.

Tent Camping:

A totally shelter, generally no need for additional accessories.

Not convenient to carry, heavy and huge package.

Large capacity, can hold up to 12 persons.

Not easy to find a good spot to put down a tent.

More choice about the tent size, design and set up method.

Sleeping on hard ground will result much pain on the back.

Repair kits, stakes or other accessories can be easily replaced.

The bottom will easily get wet on the rainy days.

You can turn over freely while sleeping on the flat ground.

The price of a tent is usually much higher than camping hammocks.

Can store the heat, make the room warm in the cold weather.

The large capacity tent usually needs more time to set up and storage.

Fit for almost any environment and season.


More stable on the windy or heavily rainy days.



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