8 Lessons You Might Learn While Camping

8 Lessons You Might Learn While Camping

As a camping enthusiast, you must have heard of this popular cliché; "expect the best, prepare for the worst." We agree entirely with this assertion.


While preparing for a camp experience with your friends or family members, it is important to pick the perfect campsite and camping accessories before you hit the road. Otherwise, whenever something goes wrong, your whole camping experience could be ruin. You wouldn't want such an experience!


So, to help you get started in your camping plan, we have put together 8 problems you might likely face and their corresponding solutions.


Without further ado, let's hit the ground running.



#1. You Might Forget Something Very Important

We had to place this problem as number one due to the attention it deserves. More often than not, campers are fond of forgetting important camping accessories and items.

We understand that nobody is an island of knowledge. However, the consequences of forgetting important camping accessories such as a tent or sleeping bag could be disastrous.

So, when you are making your plans, we recommend that you print out a camping checklist and follow through with the checklist so that you don't leave anything behind.

camping gear

#2. Unexpected Bad Weather

Do you want to enjoy a seamless camping experience? Then prepare for unexpected bad weather. If you hit the road without the necessary gears and camping kits, rain, snow or lighting storm could ruin your whole camping experience.


So how do you prepare for unexpected bad weather? Simple! Don't rely so much on meteorologists' predictions, they can be disappointing sometimes. Your best bet would be to think of extreme weather conditions that usually occur in the location you plan to camp and then prepare for the worst.


#3. No Idea On How To Set Up A Camping Tent

pop up tent

Not knowing how to set up a camping tent could be disastrous if you are already on the campsite. There are lots of camping tents on the market and most of them come with an instruction manual which you may not be familiar with.

You will agree with us that when you are already on the campsite, following through with an instructional manual may not be practicable. For instance, 2 years ago, we went on a family camping and it was a pop-up tent that made us enjoy a memorable camping experience. You may ask how?

pop-up tent can pitch within a few seconds without going through an instructional manual. Plus, the tent can protect you from bugs and other pests that are commonly found on campsites. On top of that, it is waterproof and would be very useful during rainfall. Ayamaya pop-up tents are among the best you will ever find on the market.


#4. Bugs are biting or stinging you

Ugh! Bugs, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, and fire ant bites are the bane of every camper's existence. Sometimes you can spray the best insecticide, yet it won't scare them away from creeping into your rent. And once they successfully creep into your tent, their bite can itch you like forever.


So, how do you overcome this problem when you get to your desired campsite? The following tips would help:

  • Make sure your pitch your tent where there are no tall grasses
  • Wear clothing that would cover all your body

If the problem persists, then look for a mosquito net. In our last camping, we made use of Ayamaya hammock with mosquito net and it really protected us from bugs bite. Hammock with mosquito nets is not only superior, but they would also help you expel bug and other pesticides commonly found on campsites.

hammock mosiquito net

#5. You Feel Extremely Cold At Night

The temperature at night is usually chilly during the summer months. If you hit a campsite without a means to cover yourself from extreme cold at night, then the memorable camping experience that you had anticipated could be ruin.


To sleep comfortably at night, you need to purchase a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag would keep you and your family members warm during chilly nights. We had a memorable experience the last time we made use of Ayamaya sleeping bag, so you may go for it too.

sleeping bag

#6. Your Camping Gears Are Too Heavy To Carry

Nobody goes to a campsite with heavy camping gears and return home happy. Why? The reason is not far-fetched. If you're going to hike a few miles to the campsite from where you park your car, how do you intend to convey a heavy camping gear without the use of motorised equipment? You will get your kids or maybe friends to assist you? Common, don't bug those little kids with strenuous tasks.

Here is a perfect solution; purchase the Ayamaya camping gears! The gears are not heavy; even a 3-year old can pull the gear while hiking. They are available in two options - 3-4 person tent or 4-6 person tent.

#7. No Access To Hot Water

As someone that loves camping, you would agree with us that apart from tent, footprint, stakes, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping pillow, headlamps or flashlights (and extra batteries), camp chairs, and lantern, you need hot water to make you comfortable. So, how do you get hot water when you are already in a campsite?


The solution is to include a camping water heater in your backpack to guarantee a steady supply of hot water for shower, dishes, and to make hot beverage or a decent lunch. In fact, those around you will also have access to hot water from your portable water heater.

camping stove

#8. You Get Stranded At Your Campsite 

Research shows that in recent times, a heavy snowstorm can prevent campers from travelling from their campsites; hence, making them stranded. This is a huge problem, particularly if you hit the campsite unprepared for this circumstance.

Another problem that may likely make you stranded in a campsite is when your car develops a flat tire or when the car won't start at all.

To avoid being stranded in this kind of situation, ensure you add basic repair tools and a spare tire in the list of things to travel with.



Camping is an adventure that is worth your time. However, the problems listed above could ruin your experience if you hit a campsite unprepared. So make sure you read this article before going camping.