Have you been having trouble closing your pop-up tent? All the frustrations you might have had can slowly melt away once you understand how to fold a pop-up tent. Folding a pop-up tent may seem daunting at first, but with a few simple steps, you'll be able to master the technique and save yourself from any future frustrations. The key to successfully folding a pop-up tent lies in understanding how it is stored. By locating the spines that need to be folded, the tent effortlessly eases into its carrying bag. Once the tent is grouped together, carefully guide the tent's frame as it collapses inward. It's important to maintain control and avoid any sudden movements to prevent any potential damage. Finally, neatly fold the collapsed tent into its carry bag, ensuring all the components are securely stored. With practice, folding a pop-up tent will become second nature, and you'll be able to enjoy hassle-free camping adventures. To become a pro like many others before us we are going to walk through the process:

Woman staking down pop up tent into the ground


Familiarize Yourself With The Tent

Before attempting to break down our pop-up tent, carefully read and understand the manufacturer's instructions specific to your tent model. Different tents may have slightly different mechanisms and features, so knowing your tent well will make the process smoother. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the tent spines and other components that may be involved in the folding process. Pay attention to any specific folding techniques or tips mentioned in the instructions. By following the manufacturer's guidelines, you can ensure that you're folding the pop-up tent correctly and preserving its lifespan. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't be discouraged if it takes a few tries to get the hang of it. Soon enough, you'll be able to effortlessly close your Ayamaya pop-up tent and embark on enjoyable camping experiences without the frustration of wrestling with its folding mechanism.

Campground in the forest with pine trees

Clear The Area

Ensure that the area around the tent is free from obstacles, such as rocks, sticks, or other items that could impede the folding process. This will help prevent any damage to the tent or injuries during the breakdown. Try and make sure if you are breaking down your Ayamaya Pop up tent that it is not on any highly abrasive surface. And if it is, make sure that there is harsh friction between the tent material and the ground to make sure that the tent material is structurally sound for trips to come. To extend the life and have a clean surface, we can use the Ayamaya tent foot print and the Ayamaya camping tarp.

Remove Any Accessories

Take off any accessories or attachments, such as rainfly, stakes, or guy lines, before starting to break down the tent. Store these items separately and securely to avoid losing or misplacing them. Also make sure that all the doors and windows are zipped all the way. This will ensure us that the loose tent material does not impede the tent breakdown process.


Instructional folding a pop up tent

Fold The Tent Systematically (How To Fold Pop Up Tent)

Standing beside the tent puts you in the best position to fold your pop up tent. Starting from one end to the other, carefully fold each section closer to yourself. One of the more difficult parts people get confused about is our second step on how to fold a pop up tent. So we hold the equal amount of spines in each hand you fold them inward at a 90 degree angle towards yourself so it creates a circle.

Breaking down a pop up tent folding into a circle


The next step in breaking down our tent is to push it down into a figure 8 position. This step takes a little practice because if you are new like us when we first broke down our pop up tent, we struggled to understand how. The bottom would slip out, and it just would not fold correctly. This is because the downward pressure would cause the base to lose stability, making it challenging to apply the correct force. This ONE TIP made it SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER. Before you place downward force upon the pop up tent, gently put your foot upon the lower portion of the spines. This will ensure that the tent will not slip from under you and that the pressure can be controlled evenly throughout the fold. Once it's in the figure 8 position, you can now fold the pop up tent older. At this point, one may think the tent may be under too much pressure but rest assured, the tent spines are durable and meant to be folded into their final form. Our clip will show you how to properly close a pop up tent.

Folding pop up tent into a circle

Ensure that all the fabric is neatly folded, avoiding any wrinkles or tangles. Once the tent is folded into a compact size, secure it with the built-in straps or a separate storage bag if provided. Now that you know how to fold a pop up tent take it out in the yard to practice. It will make your camping experience that much greater without having to wrestle with the pop up tent. If further assistance is needed we have several instructional videos on Youtube, you can also feel free to reach us via our contact page




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