The Best Camping Tent For Your Family In 2019
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The Best Camping Tent For Your Family In 2019

Camping is always an experience you desire to relive with your family. The memories you make on a camping trip will last your family a lifetime. One of the key factors of a fun-filled, smooth camping trip is making use of good camping then. Right now, there are plenty of tents that are available in the market. All filled with different features, made for a different number of people. With so many options to choose from, you need to know which companies are at the top of the list, which is why we have shortlisted five camping tents that should be your top picks.

1.Ayamaya 4-6 Persons Pop Up Camping Tent.

One of the most salient features of the Ayamaya camping tent is that then tent pitches within seconds. The tent has mesh both in the front and the back, which encourages airflow, yet at the same times protects you from bugs. The tent is also waterproof; this can be helpful for so many different reasons. The windows can also be turned into rain fly. There are two options you could choose from the Ayamaya 3-4 person tent or Ayamaya4-6 person tent.

2.Core 6 Persons Instant Cabin Tent.

This core fast pitch tent sets up within a minute. The windows fully mesh for ventilation and bug protection. The most attractive feature is the storage for this tent; they incorporate a wall organizer which can come in handy. Additionally, a gear loft, lantern hook and electrical cord access port is also included.

3.Ozark Trail 8 Persons Instant Cabin Tent.

The Tent only incorporates one huge door and four windows. There is an available divider to create two rooms and is easy to pitch and waterproof. It includes a carry bag and free rain fly and fitted with an AC port for electrical access. This tent is perfect for when you are camping with a significant number of people.

4.Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2.

If you are a family includes just two and is into backpacking, this tent is perfect. It super lightweight and fits two people. The tent is ultralight and takes minimal time to set up. It has rain fly material, which makes the tent waterproof and has a lot of available pockets. It is durable, comfortable, and has sufficient space.

5.Coleman 6 Person Tent.

Best known for its center height, this tent also includes rain fly and is made out of material that is heavy duty. It has an adjustable roof and sets better than its predecessor. It is durable and extremely spacious. Perfect for camping trips with the whole family.

When choosing the correct tent for your family, think about durability and the space you will need to incorporate people. We suggest going for the Ayamaya camping tent as it has an overload of useful features and is spacious enough to fit a family. Additionally, the company also sells its tents at reasonable prices and along with a warranty.