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  1. Ease of Set up & Takedown
  2. Convenient
  3. Versatile
  4. Spacious
  5. Weather Resistance

I went camping this last memorial day weekend: two people, two dogs, and the Eastern Sierra. Of course, the most critical choice we had to make for the weekend was what shelter we would use. In the past, I had used a standard 2-person tent, which I felt most comfortable using. But my perspective has completely changed since being exposed to new styles of tents at Ayamaya. And in all honesty, if I were to look back, I would be sorely disappointed with how long I had gone without exploring some of these great choices. Here at Ayamaya, we have a great selection of tents, from ultralight 2-person backpacking tents to 6-person pop-up tents. This weekend, it would be the Adobe 3-4p Pop-Up Tent that would get the nod. My preference for a pop-up tent was instantaneous. Most of my time is spent car camping, and so until recently, I realized there was no need to torture myself with a cramped 2 person backpacking tent. These are the reasons that turned me, and hopefully help initiate the broadening of others horizons as well.

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Ease of Set up & Takedown

First of all, we need to start with the ending. The most common questions are, "How to fold up a pop up tent, How to fold a pop up tent into a circle, How to close a pop up tent? " That part is much easier than one might think

When looking at the Adobe 3-4p Pop-Up Tent it has 4 circular spines. And to initiate the first step, one must stand beside the tent, facing the side windows, and gather both spines in the middle with two spines in each hand. From there, the tent is folded within itself. This requires disassemblers to turn the two spines within each hand and do a 90-degree fold toward the user's body. Now that the tent is in a circle, it must form a figure 8 position. By putting pressure downward with a slight twisting motion, ensuring the bottom portion does not slide out, it will end up in Figure 8. This may be difficult for the first few tries, but it will become exponentially easier after taking the tent down a few times. Once the tent is in Figure 8, the tent can fold over into one smaller circle. At this point, it may feel like something will break, but rest assured, the poles are durable and made to be put into this position. Finally, it will be in a circle small enough to fit into the carrying bag to be stored. Your pop up tent will now be ready for the next camping adventure.

Now for the set up… Remove the tent from the carrying bag, unravel it, and it should be ready. If you so choose, you have the option of staking the tent down. Additionally, the tent has guy-out points to attach guy lines if you want to set those up. From there, it's time to enjoy your instant pop up tent.

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Pop-up tents have revolutionized the camping experience, offering unparalleled convenience and ease of use. These ingenious tents are designed to be set up in seconds, eliminating the hassle of dealing with complicated poles and confusing instructions. With just a simple flick of the wrist, a pop-up tent effortlessly springs into shape, ready to provide instant shelter. This convenience is particularly valuable when camping in unpredictable weather conditions or during impromptu camping trips. Furthermore, pop-up tents' compact size and lightweight nature make them highly portable, allowing campers to carry them to their desired destination effortlessly. Whether you're a seasoned camper or a beginner, the convenience of a pop-up tent is undeniable, making camping adventures more enjoyable and stress-free.


The versatility of a pop-up tent is unmatched, making it an indispensable companion for any outdoor enthusiast. From car camping in the wilderness to lounging at the beach, these tents effortlessly adapt to a wide range of environments and activities. Their lightweight and compact design allows for easy transportation, making them ideal for backpacking and hiking expeditions. Need a quick shelter during a sudden rainstorm? Just pop it up and find instant refuge. Planning a picnic or a day at the park? A pop-up tent provides shade and a cozy spot to relax. With their ability to transform and serve various purposes, pop-up tents are the epitome of versatility, ensuring comfort and convenience in any outdoor setting.

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The most significant difference I noticed between a more traditional tent and a pop up tent was the space. As I mentioned, I had felt disappointed not knowing about a pop-up tent strictly based on the area. Two people, using two large sleeping pads, AND two dog beds with medium-sized dogs, fit perfectly. For car camping and drive-up camping spots, this is now my first option. People can change and move around comfortably, being able to sit up. Traditional tents have aggressively slanted walls and they can graze your head as you try to maneuver around in your tent. With the Adobe pop up tent, the interior stretches out with surprising roominess, accommodating both essential camping gear and personal belongings. Tall ceilings offer a general sense of height, allowing even the tallest campers to sit upright. The generous floor space invites you to spread out, whether it's setting up cozy sleeping arrangements or creating a comfortable lounge area. With ample room to move and breathe, a pop-up tent unveils a sanctuary where you can truly relax and enjoy the great outdoors. They are also great to set up in your house for the kids to play in, as they have multiple entryways and vents perfect for a fort or movie night.

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Weather Resistance

Having a weather-resistant pop-up tent becomes an invaluable asset in the unpredictable realm of the great outdoors, where the weather can change instantly. These tents are designed to withstand the harshest elements nature can unleash. With their robust construction and advanced materials, they are built to battle rain, wind, and even the scorching sun. Seam-sealed and waterproof, they create a fortress that repels raindrops, ensuring no droplet finds its way inside. The sturdy frames and reinforced poles stand tall against fierce wind gusts, remaining steadfast when others falter. And for those sunny days, some pop-up tents incorporate UV protection, shielding campers from harmful rays. It's a remarkable feat of engineering that transforms a mere tent into a stronghold against nature's tantrums. So, whether caught in a sudden downpour, enduring solid winds, or seeking refuge from the blazing sun, a weather-resistant pop-up tent is your unwavering companion, providing a haven amidst the elements. With such a tent by your side, you can confidently embrace the wild, knowing that nature's fury will be no match for your shelter.

Ultimately, my recent camping experience over the Memorial Day weekend highlighted the importance of choosing the right shelter. Ayamaya's selection of pop-up tents opened my eyes to a new world of camping comfort and convenience. The ease of set up and takedown was surprisingly simple once I mastered the folding technique, and the Adobe 3-4p Pop-Up Tent proved to be the perfect choice for our trip. The convenience of instant shelter, especially during unpredictable weather conditions, made our camping experience stress-free. Additionally, the versatility of pop-up tents allowed us to adapt to various environments, whether it was car camping or enjoying a day at the park. However, the standout feature was the spaciousness of the pop-up tent. It comfortably accommodated two people, two large sleeping pads, and even our dogs, creating a roomy sanctuary where we could relax and move freely. Lastly, the weather resistance of the pop-up tent was exceptional, with its ability to repel raindrops, withstand strong winds, and offer UV protection. Overall, my introduction to pop up camping tents have revolutionized my camping adventures, providing unmatched comfort, convenience, and protection against the elements.

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