Ayamaya Team Trip: Camping at the Mammoth Lakes

Ayamaya Team Trip: Camping at the Mammoth Lakes

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"Where are we going?"

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Imagine the thrill of gathering your coworkers, loading up camping gear, and embarking on an extraordinary adventure together. That's precisely what unfolded at Ayamaya Inc, an outdoor gear company deeply passionate about the wonders of nature. Our destination? The awe-inspiring Mammoth Lakes, nestled amidst the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains.

Our coworker, Logan, sparked this grand adventure with his infectious passion for fishing. As the fishing season peaked and the call of the wilderness beckoned, Logan proposed an irresistible escapade. Little did we know, this trip would transform into an unforgettable journey, leaving a lasting mark on every team member's heart.

So, I invite you to fasten your seatbelt, grab your virtual backpack, and join us as we share the joy, excitement, and natural splendor of our epic company camping trip to Mammoth Lakes. Together, let's dive into a captivating tale that will transport you to the heart of this breathtaking destination and ignite your own sense of adventure.

The Journey Begins: Horton Creek Campground

After a five-hour drive from our office in Chino, we finally arrived at the Horton Creek Campground. The scenic US-395N was a breeze, especially for my trusty Tesla with its supercharge stations along the way. As we turned onto Horton Creek Road, we couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement building up inside us.

Despite the campground being packed with fellow adventurers, we were lucky enough to secure a spot to pitch our tents. As the sun began to set, we gathered around the campfire and shared stories under the starry sky. The warmth from the flames was a welcome respite from the chilly air, and we knew that this was just the beginning of an unforgettable trip.

Here's some important information about the campground:

Price: $10.00 per site per night
Reservations: No reservations required
Season: Open from May to October
Address: Horton Creek Rd, Bishop, CA 93514
Latitude/Longitude: 37.38, -118.578
Venturi Large Pop up Tent

As we embarked on our adventure, we made sure to bring along our trusted Ayamaya Tents. The journey wouldn't have been complete without the perfect shelter to call our own. Our boss opted for the Venturi 4-6P 2 Doors Double Layered Pop Up Tent, a spacious haven that could comfortably accommodate his wife and daughter. Its generous size and thoughtful design made it an ideal choice for a family camping experience.

Adobe XL Pop Up Tent

For my husband and me, we chose the Adobe XL 4-6P Double Layered Pop Up Family Tent. As camping novices, we were drawn to its user-friendly setup and effortless folding mechanism. It provided us with the convenience we sought without compromising on comfort and durability.

Our adventurous coworker, Logan, selected the Azure Sky 2-3P Tent to share with his girlfriend, Marisa, and their two furry companions, Nunu and Ace. To our surprise, the compact tent managed to snugly fit them all, but we couldn't resist teasing Nunu about shedding a few pounds to create more space inside. Of course, it was all in good fun, as we cherished the presence of their beloved furry friends throughout the journey.

With our Ayamaya Tents standing proudly amidst the breathtaking landscapes, we created our own little camping village, each tent reflecting our unique needs and preferences. Together, we formed a united community, sharing stories, laughter, and the joy of experiencing the wonders of Mammoth Lakes side by side.

Fishing at Convict Lake

Convict Lake

Our adventure began at Convict Lake, a hidden gem renowned for its serene beauty. While some of our team members were seasoned fishing enthusiasts eagerly anticipating casting their lines into the glistening water, fate had a different plan in store. The fish seemed to have their own agenda, skillfully eluding our hooks and leaving our reels empty. However, the absence of catches did little to dampen our spirits. Instead, we found ourselves captivated by the breathtaking scenery that surrounded us.

Captivated by Nature's Majesty: Exploring June Lake

After our time at Convict Lake, we eagerly made our way to the renowned June Lake, a destination known for its awe-inspiring natural beauty. As we approached, the sight of snow-capped mountains and majestic pine trees took our breath away. It was a picturesque paradise that begged to be explored.

With cameras in hand and hearts full of excitement, we spent our afternoon immersing ourselves in the stunning surroundings. The crystal-clear waters of June Lake served as a captivating backdrop for our adventures, and we couldn't resist capturing the beauty through the lens. Each photo was a testament to the grandeur of nature and a cherished memory of our time together.

With memory cards filled with snapshots of this remarkable place, we reluctantly bid farewell to June Lake, knowing that the memories we had created would forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Culinary Delights in the Wilderness

BagelsFood, oh glorious food! Our camping trip was a culinary adventure as well. Mornings greeted us with the aroma of freshly toasted bagels, lovingly stacked with savory fillings.

Energized and ready for action, we embarked on our daily escapades. But it was the evenings that truly dazzled our taste buds. From the fragrant aromas of Taiwanese hot pot to the tantalizing flavors of Korean dishes, our campsite turned into a vibrant tapestry of diverse culinary traditions.


We gathered around the crackling campfire, eagerly assembling our beloved s'mores. With each gooey bite and shared story, the camaraderie grew stronger, and the flickering flames mirrored the joy in our hearts. The night was filled with contagious laughter, playful banter, and hilarious anecdotes that echoed through the starlit sky. In those precious moments, time seemed to stand still as we bonded over sweet treats and created memories that would forever be etched in our minds. Everyone embraced the spirit of fun and camaraderie, ensuring that every individual had an unforgettable and joy-filled night beneath the twinkling canopy of Mammoth Lakes.


Our company trip to Mammoth Lakes was more than just a chance to escape the office; it was an opportunity for us to bond, explore, and challenge ourselves in the midst of nature's grandeur. From the breathtaking landscapes to the shared moments of triumph and laughter, every experience deepened our appreciation for the outdoors and strengthened our connections as a team.

As we packed up our camping gear and bid farewell to Mammoth Lakes, we carried with us a renewed sense of adventure and a profound gratitude for the opportunity to embark on such an incredible journey. The memories we created will forever be etched in our hearts and serve as a reminder of the power of exploration and the beauty of teamwork.

mammoth lakes

So, whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a fishing aficionado, or simply seeking inspiration for your own company trip, we invite you to heed the call of the wild and embark on your own adventure. Mammoth Lakes awaits, ready to weave its magic and leave an everlasting imprint on your soul.

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